Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swimming at the Rockport Pool

Last Thursday I took a vacation day and headed to Rockport to take Gavin swimming at the Rockport pool.  Bethie didn't feel good so she wasn't able to go :(  However I did pick up my cousin Chrystal and her son Braidon aka Turtle for some pool fun! 
Gavin is tall enough to touch in the ends of the pool, but still spends the majority of his time hanging on the ladder.  I did manage to pull him off of it for a little middle of the pool playtime, but it doesn't last long.  While I want him to let go and play around in the water, I still love the fact that he wants to hang on to you and get that snuggle time.  That little boy sure is growing up fast :(

Yesterday, Gavin said some of the funniest stuff!
 Braidon was splashing him and he kept saying "STOP! Stop like a stop sign!", all the while pushing his little hand out to get him to stop.
Then another time someone was splashing and his hair was getting wet and he would say "hey stop, I just had a bath", all while running his wet hand over his head!
I took one of those water gun/squirter things to the pool and the handle broke. So after I fixed it I shot Braidon with it. Then I filled it up again and said "I better double check this, just to make sure it's working". Gavin said "yeah, like Double A batteries". ??? What a ham bone!

Turtle loves going off the diving boards!  I between he went off them 100 times while we were there that day!

It was extremely cloudy the day we went...and windy and chilly.  However the sun popped out quite a few times to warm up.  Near the middle of the afternoon it was more sunny than cloudy and the swimming was lots of fun!


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