Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Slow Boat to China

I feel like I am on the slow boat to China trying to have a baby.

I went to see Dr. Gentry Tuesday morning for a 6 month check-up because I haven't been able to get pregnant from my surgery. He's scheduled me to have an HSG sometime early April. It's an x-ray of my uterus and fallopian tubes where they inject a dye and watch is flow through my fallopian tubes on the screen. If it does flow freely and doesn't become blocked, he'll start me on fertility pills. If something is blocking the flow, then I don't know what he'll suggest. We haven't talked about that yet. Sometimes if something is blocking the tubes, the dye will actually move it.

I wonder why I'm the odd duck in the family who can't have a baby. Every woman in our family has been able to have kids with no problems that I know of - my sister, my mom, my grandmas and great-grandmas, my aunts, my cousins, my cousin's kids'. Everyone except me.

The New Look

Like my new monkey background? I know it's a bit childish, but I thought it was appropriate for awhile because I call my new little nephew my Monkey. So when I saw the monkey background, I just had to add it. A few pics of Gavin from Saturday night when him and Mimi spent the night with us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He thinks he's a cat too!

The dog is taking after the cats. Both of the cats are always laying on the back of the couches sleeping. Well Hershey started doing this too. Sunday afternoon was a lazy day for all of us (esp. since I was running on lack of sleep from watching Gavin and then losing an hour from the time change!)

Shawn took these pictures while everyone was napping.

Gavin's First Sleepover

Friday night, Baby Gavin stayed the night with Shawn and I. Beth and Tommy have been getting NO sleep, so I told them I would keep the baby. What was I thinking?!?! I didn't get any sleep either! He was such a joy to have around. And Uncle Shawn was a big help. He asked to help change diapers, to feed him, and was up trying to comfort him when he was fussy. Shawn's going to be a GREAT dad someday.

Puppy Graduation

We enrolled Hershey in puppy classes at Petsmart a couple of months of ago. They were every Saturday night for the last eight weeks. We missed a time or two, but we made the classes up. It was a basic class learning commands such as sit, stay, come, leave it, etc. Hershey did good with the commands for the teacher, and at home when we practiced. But that was our problem, we never took the time out to do our homework. So eight weeks later, our dog still doesn't listen. I'm pretty sure we wasted $110. Our teacher was LaShea Young and she's great with pets and super friendly.

Regardless it's over with now, and we have a better knowledge of the commands and when we have more time, we'll start teaching them to him again.

Saturday night was our last class and was graduation. To graduate, the puppies had to be able to do 10 "puppy push-ups". Our dog was the exception. He's too low to the ground. LOL!! So his "final exam" was to sit and stay for 30 seconds. We made it...barely! They played commencement music, had little hats for the dogs to wear, and passed out diplomas.

Here are pictures of Shawn and I with the graduate and his hat and diploma.

I set my camera up and set the timer to get a group photo. However, I also set it to take 10 consecutive pictures and didn't realize it until the flash started going off and everyone started acting silly and laughing. We had lots of looks from the shoppers at Petsmart after that.

Hershey made some new friends in the class. The first picture is Elise and Mitchell. He's a puppy pitbull that wanted to eat Hershey for breakfast. LOL!! Hi Mitchell! The second picture is Stephanie and Lilly.