Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cobblestone Vacay 2013: Sunday 6/2

Breakfast: pancakes, bacon

Well another year at Cobblestone has come to an end.  We got up a little earlier today so we could get ready and get everything packed and loaded into the car before breakfast.  Everyone had breakfast, we all said our goodbyes until next year, reserved our cabin for next year, took our annual picture on the steps of the lodge, and then got in the car and drove down that gravel drive one last time before hitting the highway and heading home.

Overall we had a great time at Cobblestone again.  We had a few snafu's with our cabin this year - like 3 air conditioners, a leaky roof, and a huge wolf spider in the bathroom - but we still survived and can't wait to come back next year and are staying in the same cabin too!  I'm hoping that my sister will let us bring Gavin with us next year.  I know he'll have so much fun playing on all the playground equipment they have, playing in the sandboxes, playing in the pool, participating in all the children's activities, and just having a good time playing with all the kids there! 
On or way home this year we went to Meremac Caverns and the Riverside Wildlife Center.  I'll blog about them in separate entries.

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