Saturday, May 19, 2018

Living the Struggle with Lipedema

All of my life I’ve been a big girl. I come from a family of big girls - my mom and sister, my aunts and cousins, my granny and great-grandma were big girls. I just figured we were a big girl family.  As I’ve gotten older, parts of me have gotten bigger no matter how much I dieted and exercised. My arms and thighs are the worst, particularly my thighs, and more specifically after a recent surgery, my right thigh.  Even after losing 60 pounds last year, my thighs remained the same.

In December 2017 about two weeks before Christmas, I tore my right meniscus sitting in a chair. Seriously. I’ve got no good story to back it up. I was just sitting in my desk chair at work and made the ever so slightest turn and I was in pain and couldn’t walk.

After months of this and that and using crutches, I had surgery on my right knee to repair the meniscus and clean out some arthritis. While all this was going on, I tried to find braces or sleeves to wear for my knee to help with some of the pain. My thighs were so huge and my lower legs a somewhat regular size, I couldn’t find anything to fit.  I’ve always had huge thighs and smaller lower legs but didn’t think anything about it other than that’s how I was.

It wasn’t until during this time that I googled “thick thighs and regular legs” that I came across the term Lipedema. I was floored with what all I was reading. And it definitely explained a lot of stuff to me.

Every time I had labs drawn for doctor appointments they come back normal.  My doctor was always impressed. I remember when the nurses would go through lists of medicines that you would take, I never had any prescriptions for anything and always said “I’m healthy as can be except for being fat!”

So now the journey begins to try and find a doctor who is familiar enough with Lipedema to diagnose me so I can begin the more extensive treatment and use insurance benefits.  I started with my family doctor and all she wanted to do was send me to a bariatric center for a serious diet program. I told her I wasn’t interested because I wasn’t there because of my weight.  I was there to get a diagnosis that would explain these massive thighs that are overflowing my knees.  She was definitely no help at all. I left there completely deflated, aggravated, and now I’m going to be looking for a new family doctor too! 

Sure I’ve got lots of regular fat, but I know a lot of it is Lipedema fat which isn’t easy to lose at all.

In the meantime I’ve already started doing what I can with out of pocket costs. Water aerobics, dry brushing, weekly or semi-weekly messages focusing on my lymphatic system, legs up on the wall, changing the way I eat to cut out as much sugar and carbs as possible, and buying compression wear.

There is no cure for Lipedema but it’s definitely manageable.

Friday, May 18, 2018

We Have a 4th Grader Now!

Well today is Gavin's last day of third grade.  When the school bell rings for the last time today, he'll officially be a fourth grader.  I can't even believe it!  These last nine years have flown by and in a blink he's grown so much.  He's such a sweet boy, but also a silly boy!  

Yesterday was awards day at his school and Aunt Stace took the day off work to go to them, along with his mom and dad.

He received three awards and a medal for Honor Roll, Citizenship, and Accelerated Reading! 

We are all SO PROUD of everything you are doing and accomplishing big boy! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stalking the Amish...

Well I've went and done it again...  #amishstalker

On Saturday over Mother's Day weekend, Shawn was at his parents, and I wanted to go up north to Amish country again.  I asked Beth and Gavin if they wanted to go and was thrilled to have the company!  

Our first stop was at McDonald's for the mandatory mocha frappes! And then on to Odon, Indiana.  It's an hour and a half north of us, and an added hour for the time change.  We got on the interstate around 8:30, and was in line for donuts at 11:00 a.m.  

After getting our donuts, we went into the little shop next door and then over to the Odon Locker for a few of my favorite grocery items.

After all that, it was time to commence with #gettingthecardirty!  And dirty it got, but inside and out.  

We spent quite a few hours driving around just enjoying the peacefulness of the Amish/Mennonite lifestyles.  I just love driving around looking at their beautiful homes and well kept yards.  Seeing horses and buggy's every where you went.  Following the paths of horse poop on the roads cause you knew a horse and buggy had been that way.  Seeing all of the laundry out on the lines because Saturday is apparently wash day.  Men out in the fields with their horse drawn tractors and plows mowing and getting ready for planting.  Little ones out playing.

But my absolute favorite, and a first for me, was happening upon this lemonade stand!  We pulled up and asked how much the lemonade was.  In the most sweetest and southern-est accent, we were told 75 cents a cup and that they had homemade cookies too!  We got two cups, chatted for a second, and then drove off.  That lemonade was good and was homemade!

I just love our backroad adventures.  You never know where they will take you!  This one took us to an Amish family's driveway!  

We stopped at a greenhouse so I could get some plants.  And then we stopped at a couple little stores.  After not successfully finding all we were searching for, we stopped for lunch at Knepp's and then headed towards home.  

For those of you that didn't know, this is what NOT SLEEPING looks like...

Who's ready for another roadtrip?!?

Our Back Yard Patio Expansion

I'm not even sure what prompted us to do this, but I'm definitely glad we did!  I absolutely love sitting outside when the weather is tolerable and just being at peace.  Granted I'm usually playing on my phone, but it's just quiet and peaceful.  Sure there is the occasional hum of the air conditioner kicking on or the giggles of the kids next door.  Well, and there is the constant barking of my dogs.  But there is just something about being outside in nature.  And it's totally not like me to be like this.  I think it's because I've been trying to become more "grounded".  You'll have to google it to understand! LOL!!

So here is a before...  Kind of a small builder's standard hodge podge of concrete and stones. 
And don't be janking on my half-painted back door area.  HAHA!

And here is the after with our new patio furniture and fire pit!

Thanks to my friend's Hazel and Trudy for recommending Pfingston's Concrete and to our friend's Tom and Michele for helping us haul that furniture home.  And I can't forget thanking our friends Brian and Jenn for driving by stalking our house at night when Shawn and I were out in the garage playing a game of twister trying to put the last few nuts and screws in the sectional...thanks for the extra hands Brian! LOL!!

Now, who wants to come over for hot dogs and sweet tea!

Where have I been...

Holy Gaucamole!

I haven't blogged in almost a year!  I can't even believe this!  June was the last time I posted a blog, and it was our trip to Jamaica (which we can't wait to go on again!).  I do have some draft posts I did in October of our vacation to Gatlinburg, but never finished them which is why they didn't get posted.  While I still have the memories and pictures of things we did, I definitely enjoy it all much better when it's put into words and the details are all still vivid!

So starting today...I'm going to get back at it.  I've obviously got alot to catch up with, so I'll be starting with the most recent and then working my way backwards.  Seems easiest, but I know my OCD will go crazy with things not in order. LOL!!

And....I just noticed that all of my blog graphics are back to their original design.  Praise the Lord!