Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cobblestone Vacay 2013: Friday 5/31

Friday's Menu:

Breakfast: French toast with powdered sugar, bacon
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwiches, coleslaw, onion straws, cinnamon rolls
Dinner: Baked chicken, augrautin potatoes, peas/carrots, pasta salad, coconut cream pie

Friday's Activities:

We had the shuffleboard tourney after breakfast, then Shawn and I drove into Steelville for about an hour to go to yard sales, only there wasn't any.  The weekend we are there they usually have their town-wide yard sales, but I'm thinking all of the rain the night before prevented everyone from setting up.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon in the pool.  The water was chilly, but was fun!  And I had a little visitor friend near me :/  I saw a lot of little lizzards around the grounds this past week.  Too many for my liking!


After dinner, we had a Fling 'em tourney.  Shawn and I made it into the finals, but lost to Jim and Stephanie :(  I'm thinking we could of won, but the sky started getting really dark and the storms were starting to roll in so I was trying to hurry the game along so I could get inside before it started raining. :(

After that we played Buzzword in the lodge with everyone.  What a fun game!

Then we had a movie, popcorn and koolaid.  I don't remember the movie since I really didn't watch it, I had taken my laptop into the lodge to play around on. 

That evening, it poured down raining for a LONG time.  That night after I left the lodge and ran to the cabin in the rain, I changed my clothes and went to get into bed only to discover that the roof was leaking over my bed!  I thought great, what am I going to do?  I've already changed into my jammies, it's pouring down raining, and Shawn's over at the lodge and his phones are in our cabin.  So I went out on our porch and screamed over to the lodge for Shawn to tell Lee that the roof was leaking.  It was leaking a lot, but had been leaking for a while because all the blankets and the bed were wet!  I ended up getting the bathroom trashcan and the icebucket and put them on the bed to catch anymore water.  They next day they had to repair the roof :(

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