Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cobblestone Vacay 2013: Wednesday 5/30

Wednesday's menu:

Breakfast:  pancakes, bacon and apple cranberry juice
Lunch:  Hamburgers with buns and all the fixins :), French fries, pork n' beans, and banana cake

Wednesday's activities:

Shuffleboard tourney in the morning, we won one game, but lost the second game.  I even got a 10 in one of the games!  After lunch I went to the pool; Shawn and his parents went on a float trip.


Fling 'em tourney

Barrel train fun!  I rode in the front of the Kubota while Kat drove the kids on the barrel train!
Karaoke Night
Shawn and I sang our annual song "If I Had a Hammer"

A couple times throughout the day, I walked around the property and took photos I found interesting...

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