Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Day of Playground Fun...Super Fun Aunt/Nephew Day!

I had a super fun day of fun planned at Reid's Orchard in Owensboro, Kentucky on Saturday with Gavin, however the rain decided to put a damper on my fun.  Of course as soon as I paid the $5 to get into the play area, that's when the rain started.  It was just a sprinkle at first, but quickly turned into a bit more.  So with camera under my jacket, I quickly searched out some shelter for me us.  Gavin didn't mind the rain; Aunt Stacey not so much. 
As you can see in the picture below, Gavin was out playing in the rain and Aunt Stace was hunkered down in the corn crib.  I called for him a few times to come in from the rain, but he wasn't budging...

...then I told him there was a big sandbox play thing in here and he came a running!

We spent the next hour or so playing in here. He loved it.  He said he liked playing in it by himself much better than when all those wild kids were in there.  (There was an 8 year old boy having a birthday party and those kids were rambunctious! Gavin reminded them a few times that the signs said not to throw the corn and not to jump into the corn!) 
 I'm glad little man knows how to follow the rules ;)

There was a little break in the heavier rain and we went out and played on the black rolling circles for a few minutes, but then it was back into the corn crib playing area. I tried everything I could to get Gavin to get in them so I could push him, but he wasn't having it.  Aunt Stace even got in one to show him to do it, but all he wanted to do was push me in it.
There was all kinds of stuff there to do, but with that darn pesky rain, we didn't get to do much, and I didn't think about grabbing my umbrella out of the car :(  They had a small petting zoo, a zip line for kids, horse and pony rides, making a flower pot for Mother's Day, and then all of their regular stuff to play on.  We'll definitely have to go back on a day that's guaranteed no rain!

We finally made a run through the rain and went inside to get some apple slushes, suckers, and Aunt Stace bought herself a new flag for my flower garden. 

Gavin said that's not an accident in his pants, that's from the rain.  I think I just got fibbed to!
After we left Reid's Orchard, we headed to McDonald's for lunch.  I couldn't figure out why that kid was so adamant about eating lunch at McDonald's until we pulled into the parking lot and saw the playground.  He said "I knew they had that there!"  What a ham bone!

In between bites of his lunch, he would run back and play on the playground.

And while he was playing, Aunt Stace was using the happy meal toy to try and learn her camera in manual mode. 

I noticed when we left McDonald's that it had stopped raining.  I thought about going back to Reid's Orchard, but knew that the play land activities weren't going to be going on much longer, so we decided to go to the park under the blue bridge.  Excellent choice!  There was only a handful of kids there.  We had the run of the park.  The only bad thing was that most of the slides had puddles at the end.  We found a few that had been cleaned off my some other kids butt.  LOL!  We went down slides, we played on the swings, we looked for me in the airplanes with the binoculars, we watched sailboats go by, we climbed rock walls and found fossils, and we sang the Sasha Poo song into those echo toys on the playground.  We had a great time playing and Aunt Stace even got in the big kid swing so Gavin could push me.  No pictures tho!


Below is a video of Gavin singing a little song he was taught.  It goes "Sasha Poo, Sasha Poo, Shasha has poopie inbetween her toes".  I love how he says 'inbetween' and 'toes'.  I love that little ham bone!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lago Mar Resort and Spa

While in Ft. Lauderdale, we stayed at the Lago Mar Resort and Club...a fancy 4 star resort.  We had a nice executive, king suite that overlooked one of the pools and had a view of the ocean if the wind was blowing and the palm tree parted in just the right direction :(


They even had fancy robes for us to wear...this is the only time I had it on though :/


These pictures are all views off our front balcony.


Doing our own things today...

On Friday we did our own thing.  Shawn went deep sea fishing and I went to the spa and spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach.  Shawn was disappointed in his fishing trip - they didn't do the style of fishing he thought they were, he didn't catch any fish, he got sick and had to go overboard, and he got locked in the bathroom.  Me, on the other hand, had a pleasantly enjoyable day :)  I spent the morning at the spa getting a facial.  I got the Luminous C and Sea Facial.  It was 75 minutes of pure relaxation.  I'll definitely be getting facial more often!  After the facial, I walked out to see the ocean/beach and inquire how the beach service worked.  I went back to the room, changed into my swimsuit/cover up, gathered my beach stuff, and headed back out to the beach.  I spent the next almost 5 hours laying out under the umbrella.  Note to self: you still need sunscreen under an umbrella :/

For dinner that night we went to Chima Brazillian Steakhouse.  We were going to go to the Texas de Brazil, but someone highly recommended Chima's to Shawn.  It was yummy!