Thursday, March 20, 2014

Painting Easter Eggs

Two weeks ago on a Friday night, Heather hosted another ladies night of painting Easter eggs.  

And after everyone had finished their eggs and gone home for the evening, "El Hoppio Eastero" was still down there painting!  LOL!!

WOW! night @ the Icemen Hockey Game

Friday night was WOW! night at the Evansville Icemen's hockey game.  They beat the Orlando Sun's 7 to 1.  We had a good time, despite the freezing cold temperature inside the center, and once we moved to some more comfy seats!  Hee!!

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Picnic in the Park

Last week we had a couple days of amazing spring like weather.  On one of those days, I joined my sister and her family for a little picnic in the park for dinner that night.  They grilled out hot dogs (one of my absolute favorite things is a grilled BBQ hot dog!), and I brought some potato wedges from the Rebels gas station.  The boys played on the playground and we played Red Light, Green Light, Stop.  And just before it got dark, we went on the hunt for a geocache at the park and found treasure ;)


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Momma!

Last night we celebrated Momma's 57th birthday!  Shawn and I took momma and Gavin out to dinner at the Patio Steakhouse in Cannelton.  Mom's brothers, my Uncle Dave and Uncle Popeye also joined us. 

On the way there, we took a little side road trip through Troy to stop at Huffman Mill Bridge.  Beth and I had stopped at the bridge before with Gavin, but he was asleep in the car so we didn't venture out much while there.  I thought mom would like it and Gavin would like to get out and run around.  Uncle Dave and Popeye had never been to a covered bridge before either.  We all had a fun little time running around and exploring until it got to dark to see.  We also tried to find a geocache that was there, but it got to dark and we couldn't find it.  Uncle Dave even climbed down the rocks and went under the bridge, and then climbed the beams inside the bridge to find it.  We'll have to go back another time and try again.  Uncle Popeye wants to come back with his metal detector too!

Racing Uncle Shawn up the hill!

If this boy doesn't stop with the sticking out his tongue, I'm gonna cut it off!!!

After we left the bridge, we headed into Cannelton for dinner at the Patio.  We all had a yummy dinner and enjoyed visiting with each other.
Notice a cute little face with no tongue sticking out?  That's the result of being threatened with a spanking if I saw that tongue again!  LOL!  Then almost instantly, he developed chapped lips and needed to use his tongue to lick around his lips to get them wet.  He's a mess!  I almost peed in my pants when he did that!

Mom with Gavin, Uncle Dave, and Uncle Popeye

When we were getting in the car to leave, mom, Shawn and Gavin were all being silly and laughing really loud about something.  All of a sudden Gavin says "you all need to stop laughing."  Mom asked him why and he said "cause I'm about to poop in my pants!"  

And on the way home, Aunt Stace almost pooped in her pants when she almost plowed a huge deer that was standing in the middle of the road!!  Thankfully I was able to swerve around it and Uncle Dave didn't plow into me when I breaked some to avoid the deer!