Thursday, October 27, 2016

PCB Vacay 2016: Friday Our Last Day at the Beach :(

So sad that today is our last full day in Florida.  The weather today is fantastic, and the water so warm and calm, that I'm taking advantage of every second I can to be at the beach.  This year, I believe I've spent at least some of every day down the beach.  That isn't usually the case when we are in Florida and then when vacation is over, I'm disappointed that I didn't get in more beach time.

Shawn got up early again this morning and went to play golf at Signal Hill Golf Course, and I spent the morning and early afternoon at the beach.  

This water is Ah-Maz-Ing!!

A little Pokemoning for Gavin ;)

When Shawn got finished golfing, he brought us lunch from Diego's Burrito Factory again and once again, they rolled Shawn a fat one!

After lunch, it was more beach and pool time.  We saw some jellyfish in the water this time, so we probably spent more time at the pool.  

Views from the pool are spectacular too!

We had a hard time deciding on where to have our last dinner in PCB this year.  I had a whole list of places to try that were either new, or were a favorite and we neither one could agree on one.  We finally decided on Runaway Bay Caribbean Grill.  It's kind of hidden and out of the way closer to the marina and it was a successful choice.  Since it is hidden and out of the way, it definitely wasn't busy and we were seated right away outside on the upper deck.  They also have a lower deck area with pool that you can swim in while waiting for dinner.  Pretty awesome for kids!

A picture of Stace without beach hair!  I'm telling you what, this vacation, I wasn't as picky about my hair and went with beach hair everywhere we went.  #beachhairdontcare

For dinner I had a salad and the chopped steak with gravy and onions and their twice baked potato salad.  Delicious!  One of my favorite places we ate at, and will definitely be back to.

Shawn had some kind of fried seafood meal with slaw and the twice baked potato salad.  He said it was really good as well!

And our final trip to the Pink Pelican.  I'm gonna miss this place when we are gone; my hips, butt and jeans won't miss it though!

And one final stop at Goofy Golf to play putt-putt on their other course since the lady gave Shawn a coupon for a free game earlier in the week.  And when we were finished, she gave us another coupon for a free game.  See ya next time we are in the area!

And that's a wrap for our nightly adventures in PCB.  Back to the condo to start packing and tidy up before that LONG drive back home to reality!

Monday, October 24, 2016

PCB Vacay 2016: Thursday Golfing, Beaching, & Eating

Thursday morning Shawn took the car and went to play golf at Holiday Golf Course in the 800 degree heat with no breeze.  I'm not sure how that works - he can play golf in that heat fully clothed for hours on end, but an hour at the beach laying under a completely shaded umbrella with just swim trunks on is torture?

Anyways, while he golfed, I stayed at the condo and took a nap and went down to the beach.  

I planned on spending the whole day here again since the weather was sunny and the water was clear and warm :(  However when Shawn came back from the golf course, he called me from the condo while I was laying out and said he wanted to go to lunch somewhere.  Since I didn't think we were going anywhere else after lunch, I just threw some clothes on with my beach hair and we went to lunch.  I should of known better with him.

We chose Pineapple Willy's and sat out on the pier.

You can't eat at Pineapple Willy's without having a Pineapple Willy!  

Shawn had the blackened mahi-mahi BLT, and I had the chicken strips, both with fries and their pineapple slaw, which is really good!  Their food and drinks are good, but it's definitely not the cheapest place for lunch to the tune of $65! But that's what vacations are for - spending money and eating good!  LOL!!

I'm not a fan of eating outside except on vacation on the beach!  Something about that salty sea air!

And for whatever reason, I thought we were going back to the condo to go back to the beach, but Mr. Bravo had other plans for us.  Next thing I knew, we were headed into Destin with an hour detour to a golf course to get Shawn his new sunglasses :/  After that, he did the driving!

We've stayed in Destin before, so we drove out to Okaloosa Island and drove by the condo we stayed at (it's the little yellow building in the picture below)

And then ended up for dinner at Floyd's Shrimp House for their all-you-can-eat shrimp.  I don't see how we even ate anything, cause I was still stuffed from that huge lunch we had.  

I had a cheeseburger, mashed potatoes, and red beans and rice.  

Shawn had the AYCE shrimp and sides.

No dessert for us this evening, even though I love the gelato shop near Floyd's.  #toofull

And once again, these pictures are out of order.  I hate this!  Makes me nuts!  But it is what it is.  Below are pictures I took with my camera throughout the day.