Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Geocaching Newbies

While we were at Cobblestone, the new family we met, The Bean's, told me that they enjoyed geocaching.  I had heard of this before, but forgot about it.  Later that night when I couldn't sleep I decided to look it up on the internet.  At that minute, I knew I wanted to do this!  And I thought it would be something fun to do with Gavin, and then mom, Beth or Shawn or whoever wanted to join us! 
Monday afternoon I planned on visiting Gavin so I picked up him and Beth and went to the Rebels gas station to get sodas, chicken strips and potato wedges and then head to the park.  Before I left, I looked up a few geocaches that we could find.  Low and behold, the first one was at the Rebels gas station.  However I couldn't find it.  There was also one at the park, one at the courthouse, and then a couple other's we tried to find.  Out of all of them, we only found one and that purely by accident.
The cache we found was called Spencer County Courthouse.
I wasn't sticking my hand in any of the holes in the trees, so I'm glad I had my trusty camera to hold up there to take pictures.  No cache in this hole!

My little helper with his stick to help dig holes if needed! 

Oh my word!  I finally found one, but purely by accident!  I had just finished looking in one last tree when I told Gavin to come on and lets head back to the car.  I glanced forward and saw something in a little baggie in the grass and thought "those symbols on that paper look familiar to me".  I leaned in closer and realized it the was the geocaching log book.  Oh my's what we had been looking for, just laying out in the middle of the court house lawn!  Then Gavin says "look what I found over here Stace."  It was the canister that the cache went in.  It looked like it had been chewed up with a lawn mower.

I took everything back to the car so I could write in the log book and then I put everything back together as best as I could and placed it near where I thought it should go.  Then later that night I logged in the Geocaching website and logged that I found a cache and then emailed the owner that maintenance needed to be done to the cache.

Without giving away to many clues, this is where I hid the cache. ;)


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