Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Corn Dogs, Sno Cones, Taffy & Fair Fun!

Last Thursday when I took a vacation day to go to Rockport to go swimming, I also wanted to go to the Spencer County Fair.  I hadn't been to the fair in years, but remembered how much fun it was to go when we were kids.  The size of the fair sure has changed since then, but we still had a great time.  Mom went with me and Gavin and we had a great time eating yummy fair food....burgers, corn dogs, popcorn, taffy & sno cones!  We also enjoyed some performances from the Boom Squad and Daniel Epperson.  And we were all over the ride area letting Gavin ride rides and jump in the bounce house  That was probably his favorite part.  Who would of thought that the kid who was terrified of them two years ago would love them so much now!

 The best sno cones ever!!  I think the thing that makes them great is that you can put your own syrups on and put on as much or as little as you want!

Watching the Boom Squad perform.  I've always enjoyed listening to them in parades and at fall festivals.  It's such a great group for the community and the kids! 

Rolling Video Games ..this thing was really neat!  It was a big trailer that inside had a long, comfy leather bench seat and 4 big screen TV's set up with video games on them.  I need one of these to send Shawn and the boys too when he rents those fights!  You can rent them and they just roll up in front of your house for two hours of gaming fun!


 Daniel Epperson was also performing at the fair.  He's a local boy with some great country music talent!
One of our many stops in the bounce house!  When I as taking the picture below, I didn't realize there was a little Boom Squad boy doing a flip!  LOL!

Gavin told me he wanted to ride the Sky Wheel.  I told him he probably didn't want too!


Super Slide Fun!  I tried to get him to go down the slide earlier in the day, but he didn't want too.  Later in the evening he said he did.  I really didn't think he would make it up the steps, but he surprised me.  There was actually a little girl in line who mother henned him for me!  Hee!  She helped him up the steps and then get in the potato sack and down he went....although I don't think he was in the sack properly because he came down the slide sideways and laying down.  I thought for sure that would of done him in, but he went back for a second time! Gavin is in the middle lane in these pictures...

Back in line with Mother Hen for his second ride down!  I'm thankful for that little girl for helping him so that Aunt Stace wouldn't have to go down the slide with him!  LOL!

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