Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taggie Blankets

So I went to a birthday party last Saturday and a girl there had a cute taggie blanket for her daughter. It was too stinkin' cute. So I studied the blanket to see how it was made and came up with my own for Gavin. He LOVES it.

I choose this cute little monkey pattern cause I always call Gavin my "little monkey".

TTC: Clomid and the trigger shot

Today I finished taking my first round of Clomid. I started taking it last Friday. I took 2 a day (which is twice the normal dosage) for 7 days. Clomid is a drug that helps you create eggs. Where I might produce 1 or 2 eggs, the Clomid will help me produce 7 or 8 eggs, thus creating the possibility of twins or multiples :).

I go to the doctor Monday morning at 8:00 to have a vaginal ultrasound done. Since my left fallopian tube is blocked, they will be focusing primarily on my right ovary. If they see any folicles, then I will get my injection of HCG which is called a "trigger shot". The purpose of the trigger shot is to help me ovulate. And thus, this is where the "fun" comes into play. LOL!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't forget to feed the dog

I guess Shawn forgot to fill up Hershey's food bowl that's outside this morning when he left. When I got home, I found his food bowl chewed up on the back porch. I take it as a sign that we need to remember to feed him daily.
And now he's all tuckered out from a day of play and eating his bowl.

Monday, April 20, 2009 blinds

Junk, ugly blinds in the trash; fun, new blinds hanging up....finally! It only took me 2+ years to get the rest of the new blinds and 2+ weeks to get my husband to hang them up.

Junk, ugly blinds.....that are filthy and falling apart...

Fun, new blinds that my animals better not destroy cause I will destroy them!...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

An update on my TTC

I had my HSG Tuesday morning. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. The SIS definitely hurt worse. Dr. Gentry had a hard time inserting the catheter because my cervix was tilted and smaller than normal. He said it’s probably because of my surgery and some scar tissue and because I have never had children. He had to dilate me and was finally able to get the catheter in. He inflated the balloon and injected the dye. The dye flowed through in my right fallopian tube exactly as it should, but it didn’t flow through my left tube and the catheter slipped out. Because Dr. Gentry had a hard time putting it in the first time, he didn’t want to do it again. He said he didn’t think my left tube was blocked and sometimes the dye “takes the path of least resistance”. The x-ray tech said it could be because of the fibroid on my left side that they left in when I had my surgery last year and the dye had a hard time going around it. Dr. Gentry said everything looked good, but he was going to start me on a stronger dose of fertility pills and warned me that that would increase my chances of having twins. I told him I honestly have always said I would like to have twins. My thinking is a boy and a girl and get it done with at one time. Now I know that you can’t predict what sex your babies will be and how many you will have, but I think it’s exciting that I could possibly have twins. I don’t think Shawn is excited as I am though. LOL!! Anyways, Dr. Gentry said his nurse would call me in a day or two to get the fertility medicine started. So that’s what is going on. (I copied this from an email I sent out the other day.)

Dr. Gentry's nurse called yesterday and told me to call her when I start my period and they'll have me come in to get started the Clomid. I am way excited about starting the medicine and hopefully becoming a mother in a few months.

My Freecycle Find

I've been looking for those old metal lawn chairs from my childhood for some time now. I wanted a set of two and was going to paint them red to sit in front of my house for decoration. I looked online and these chairs cost hundreds of dollars. I figured this summer I might try to look for them at yard sales. Then I remembered the website freecycle. So I posted a link that I was looking for two old metal lawn chairs. About 2 days later, I got an email from someone that they had two of them and a third old chair of a different design. So I arranged to pick them up and was way excited with my find. Even though the chairs are old and rusty in spots, I really like them the colors and the way they are.

Easter 2009 - Gavin's 1st Easter

We had Easter this year at our house. I got up early in the morning and put my ham in while I was getting ready for church. Shawn and I went to Sunday School and church, where our family joined us before coming to the house for Easter dinner and a day of relaxing. The Easter bunny brought goodie baskets and sweets for everyone.

The Easter bunny also brought me a basket full of yummy goodness too (except the "bunny" tends to fill the basket with more candy that he likes ;).

While Gavin is still too little to have an egg hunt, the big kids weren't. Tommy hid the eggs in the backyard for Beth and I to find (horrible pictures of two fat sisters so that's why I am not posting any). Then Beth and I hid the eggs in the front yard for Tommy and Shawn to find.

Before the day was over, Beth and I went upstairs to the bonus room and took some pictures of Gavin.
These two pictures ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

Gavin and his aunt Stacey

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Last Saturday when I got off work, I went home and picked up my puppy, then went over to Beth's and picked up her and Gavin and we headed to Heather's house for a few hours. Zoe loves Baby Gavin and always wants hold him and feed him. On this particular day she had been waiting patiently to hold Gavin. When she finally got the chance to hold him, Heather had her sit on the couch between Beth and I. I put Gavin in her lap for her to hold, but I could tell that they both were uncomfortable. I asked her if she was ok and she said no. So I picked the baby up and Beth and I layed some pillows in her lap. I put the baby back down, but I could tell that she still wasn't happy cause she was just sitting there and Gavin was really laying on the pillows. I asked her if she was ok and she said no. The she said "the pillows are holding the baby and I want to hold the baby!". It was too stinkin' cute and funny. So I picked Gavin back up and after arranging the pillows again, the picture below is what we ended up with.