Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sleepy Baby

Gavin fell asleep in the car on the way home from church, so Mom put him in his big boy bed to finish his nap.  He's never slept in the bed, but loves playing in it.  Today he took about a two hour nap in it.  Shawn and I bought the bed at a yard sale a couple months ago for $10. I gave it a good cleaning, however it needs a better deep cleaning with a magic eraser to try to get the crayon off of it. 

The Boy with the Red Balloon

Last weekend after the family fun day, Mom and I took Gavin down to the Bluff in Rockport to play around.  They have a little cave down there and Gavin loved prancing around in it with his red balloon.

Family Fun Fair

Last weekend we went to the Family Fun Fair at a local church in Rockport.  I have some old friends from high school who put it on, so we took Gavin.  It was a nice little fair for kids and we had a great time.  There was food, games, and prizes for the kids.  Gavin played the ring toss, duck pond, fishing game, and even got his face painted. 


Weekend with Nana and Gavin

Mom and Gavin spent the weekend with us, along with Rebel and Sassy, and we were busy!  Friday afternoon we played out in the backyard and wore each other out!  LOL!  Friday night for dinner we went to the Golden Buddah and then to Walmart.  It was after midnight before we got home.  Saturday morning we got up early and met the Robinson's in Henderson at Audubon State Park to do their pictures, then went to lunch with them.  Saturday night everyone came over for a UFC fight and dinner.  Sunday we got up early and went to church for our Pastor Appreciation Day and then relaxed at home until Mom and Gavin left. 

Going down the slide..
I set the camera for continuous shooting for these shots of Gavin going down the slide.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday morning play day

Gavin spent Saturday night with us, so Sunday morning he went to church with us.  Before we got ready for church, we had a few minutes of play time so I got my camera out to take some pictures of him.  He's getting to be such a big boy and so stinkin' rotten at times.  I have part of the guest room downstairs set up as a bedroom/playroom for him with his big boy bed and a toy box full of toys.  Of course the dogs want to play with the toys too and every now and then I'd catch one of them stealing a toy and trying to take it under the bed.

When Uncle Shawn saw this picture, he said "aww...Gavin's trying to be like me!". 

West Side Nut Club Fall Fest

Friday and Saturday nights Shawn and I were down at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival on Franklin Street in Evansville.  Friday afternoon Shawn worked at the Wish Upon a Star booth, so I had Tiffany from work drop me off down there after work so that I wouldn't have to take my car down there and try to find a place to park.  We ate lots of yummy food while walking the streets down there.  We stopped a few times to talk to people we know.  Saturday night we took Gavin with us to watch the parade and then eat more yummy food!  While I don't remember everything we had - I do remember that the deep-fried Twinkie was probably my fave!  Gavin did really great sitting in his stroller during the parade.  All the sirens at the beginning of the parade scared him a little, but I gave him a hug and he was fine.  Then about midway through the parade some motorcycles were stopped in front of us and one of them revved up his motor and is REALLY scared Gavin and myself. 

After the parade, we went into the kiddie games/ride area to see if there was any rides Gavin could ride.  He was still too little for the rides, so we'll try again next year.  We did play the duck pond game for $5.  I think the cost of the games in the kiddie area were double what they were in the adult game area.  We only played the duck pond game because you could win a big blow-up sword and Gavin likes swords right now.  That sword was probably two times his size and he loved it.  He held on to it the rest of the night and even fell asleep holding it.