Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jessee Reunion 2013

Last Saturday was the annual Jessee Reunion.  This is our 4th year of having them again and it was another successful reunion! This year Shawn and I made the trip down there with Bethie, Gavin & Tommy.  The boys were in the back and were complete ADD overload, with the exception of Gavin.  He was the quietest one on the trip!

I made chocolate cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing, however I didn't make the icing quite right, so it was a bit runny.  It still stayed on the cupcakes and everyone raved about them.  I also made a 7 layer salad.  It was good, but I wish I would of put a little bit more mayo in it.  There was a fair amount of it leftover, but after sitting out all day, I decided I better pitch it. 

Those in attendance this year were:

Me & Shawn
Beth, Tommy & Gavin
Sissy & Bradley, Jessica, Kim & Elijah
Jessica's neighbor girl, Jamie
Billy Herb
Trisha, Elvis & Hannah

So not as many people as in the past, but enough to have a good time.  And the weather was perfect this year!  Generally is so sweltering hot you can't breathe; this year is was in the high 70's with a slight wind.

We left around 5 or 5:30, but everyone stopped at the ferry and road it back and forth across the river.  It was a quick trip, but fun and something we've never done before.  We also drove down to the boat ramp going into the river and got out and walked around and the kids frolicked some in the edge of the water.

Shawnie signing the book.  For as long as I can remember, we've always had a book at each reunion for everyone to sign.  


Playing cornhole!

Gavin waited patiently all day for someone to take him to the playground.  We walked over, he climbed up to the big slide and then decided not to go down it :(  He eventually went down another slide, but there was a huge drop to get off the bottom of the slide.  Gavin got upset when I wanted to take his picture instead of helping him down.  #tiredcrankylittleboy

Singing some Christian music

Each year we take a group photo.  I always set the camera on the tripod and timer and set it for 10 pics.  The first couple I hope everyone is serious, then after a few flashes, we get silly...

...we've got some people making crazy faces, some giving thumbs up, some flexing their guns, and one popping his teeth out!

I'm not sure what my husband is doing in this picture :/ 

The little and big kids had fun playing with water balloons and chasing each other with water! 

Taking a ride on Reed's Ferry

Hanging out at the boat ramp and frolicking in the water 

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