Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Landscaping Before and After Project

Shawn and I decided to do a little landscaping this spring/summer ourselves instead of paying someone to do it, like we did the year before. It was really all my idea, but someone I got Shawn roped into helping me.  It WAS hard work and I'm glad it's done, but I'm really glad that we did it ourselves.  I'm sure paying someone we would of gotten better work, but we are happy with it.  The area to the right of the porch, we dug up the old mulch and just put down more black weed barrier and put new mulch down.  We are planning on getting a pair of concrete benches and a bird bath or a fountain, and then I'll put some potted plants out there.  On the left side of the porch, it was completely bare - there was nothing planted there but weeds.  We dug that area out, dug holes for some plants, put down weed barrier, and but in some basic black edging.  I planted 2 daylillies, 2 hostas, and some ornamental grass.  I planted a third daylilly on the other side of the porch in a little area. 

Here is a before picture:

And here is an after picture (I realize they are different angles, but you get the picture ;)):

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holiday World June 2011

Shawn had Friday off and I took a vacation day and we took Zoe and Gavin to Holiday World with the tickets that Shawn won from his work.  The day was absolutely perfect!  It was sunny and warm with a touch of a breeze to help keep the temperatures at a comfortable feeling.  The park was crowded but not overly crowded.  We got up there around 11 and stayed until after 7.  It was a long, but fun day!  We probably spent equal time in the water park and the rest of the park riding rides.  I still have 4 tickets from my work and I can't wait to go back!  After we left Holiday World, we drove into Dale and ate at the Iron Chef Chinese Buffet before heading home.

Here is Zoe, Shawn, Gavin, and myself before we left the park. 

When you first get into the park, there is this big statue of Santa.  I wanted a picture of everyone in front of it, but Gavin was NOT a fan of it and had a death grip on Shawn and still did for some time even after we left the area.

The first thing we did after eating was head to the water park.  I knew they had a new water area for kids, so we found that.  It was ALOT of fun!  It was a pool of water with a few things for kids to climb on and then had all of these different slides.  There was around 8 or 10 different types of slides and Zoe went down each one of them, multiple times.  Then we all started going down them.  It was probably the funnest, and funniest, part of the day and I can't wait to take them back.  I love the look on Gavin's face when we went down the first slide with Zoe.  It was pure excitement and delight!  As soon as he got to the bottom he says "I do again!" and couldn't wait to climb out of the water and run up the ramp to do again!  Shawn went down the really wide yellow slide by himself, got sideways going down it, and took out some lady at the end in the water.  I thought for sure we were going to get kicked out!  It was hilarious!  Too bad I didn't have my camera ready for that!

While Shawn and Zoe were riding the Raging Rapids, I took Gavin over to let him ride the Salmon Run.  When we were in line I asked him which color fish he wanted and he said he wanted the "dreen" one, so that's what he got.  He's such a big boy sitting in the ride all by himself!

We *finally* made it down to the Thanksgiving area of HW.  Our favorite ride in this section is the Turkey Whirl!  We ride it every time, and multiple times in a row.  If you go, try to get in turkey's the fastest!  We try to get in that one each time!

I took this picture of Shawn and Gavin when we were standing in line to ride the turkey shooting game.  It's one of my favorite pictures of the day!

We took the little train ride through nursery rhyme land, Zoe and I shared a seat, and Shawn and Gavin shared a seat.

And before we left, we had to ride the Old Timey Cars.  This ride is all that Shawn talked about the whole day.  We had to take two separate cars because Shawn wanted to drive and Zoe wanted to drive.  Zoe and I got in the front car so I could take pictures of Shawn and Gavin behind us.  Well as you can tell in the picture, we know who has whose heart, because it looks like Shawn still didn't get to drive the car!  Gavin looks so big driving that car!  LOL!!

We ate lunch there and has some sweet treats of Dippin' Dots.  Gavin and Zoe had neither one had them so we all enjoyed them.  We played some games, won some prizes, and rode lots of other rides that I didn't get good pictures on.  All in all, we had a GREAT time and I can't wait to go back!  I'm definitely spending ALOT more time in that little kiddie water park area. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day this year, Shawn's parents came to stay with us and we celebrated the entire weekend by going out to eat alot it seemed.  They came in Friday evening and we met them and Steve and Christa at Cancun's.  On Saturday, Shawn and his parents were supposed to golf, but because of the rain, they weren't able to.  They ended up going out to lunch at Bob Evans, then went and played putt-putt.  I went to my friend Heather's for her and Brent's birthday/pool party.  For dinner that night, we had Chinese.  On Sunday, which was actually Father's Day, we went to church and then to lunch at Steak n' Shake, and then to Sweet CeCe's for dessert because they were giving away free FroYo's for dad's.

At church, they gave the Father's a goodie bag filled with all kinds of treats and had a poem attached to the bag.  Even though Shawn isn't a dad yet, he was able to go up and get one cause he's a wonderful Uncle to Gavin.  On Mother's Day, the church recognized me as well for being an amazing Aunt to Gavin, so they also wanted to recognize Shawn.  They know how we have been trying to have our own children and how difficult those days are for us.  The Lord will bless us one day, his word says so!

These next pictures are a couple of pictures of Shawn and his dad and of course, our babies.

On Saturday, on my way home from Heather's I stopped at the cemetery to put flowers on my dad's grave and took a few pictures.  My daddy is up in Heaven now and has been for a little over 14 years.  I can't believe it's been that long since he's been gone.  He was the greatest man I knew!  I love you and miss you so much daddy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

RIP: Vicki Lanham

Just a few hours after we got the call of Shawn's aunt passing away, we also received a telephone call that Vicki passed away.  Vicki was married to an ex-coworker of Shawn's.  She was a super sweet lady and is dearly missed!  Here is her obituary that I found in the Evansville Courier and Press online.

Vicki L. Lanham

Evansville, Indiana — Vicki L. Lanham, 50, of Evansville went home to be with the Lord on June 3, 2011 at her residence. Vicki was born on September 13, 1960 to Joseph and Rita Bell. On December 1, 1989, she was blessed with the birth of her daughter, Kira. On June 11, 2005, Vicki married Donald R. Lanham. She was a graduate of Reitz High School and had worked for Anchor Industries for more than 13 years.

Vicki was preceded in death by her grandma, Valeria Bell. Survivors include her loving husband, Donnie Lanham; daughter, Kira Voyles; brother, Joseph Bell, Jr., parents, Joseph and Rita Bell; and grandma, Olive Whitten.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, June 8 at 2:00 pm at Sunset Funeral Home. Rev. Garry Lanham and Rev. Jack Neighbors will officiate. Burial will follow in Sunset Memorial Park. Visitation will be from 3 to 7 pm on Tuesday at the funeral home.

RIP: Nancy Williams

While we were on vacation at Cobblestone this year, we got a call that Shawn's Aunt Nancy had passed away.  Nancy was Susie's sister and was the family member we always stayed with when we would go to St. Louis for Christmas.  She was a wonderful and will be missed dearly by many.  Here is her obituary that I found in an online St. Louis newspaper.

Williams, Nancy A. (Gordon) Friday, June 3, 2011. Beloved wife of David Williams; dear mother Dawn (Spencer) Williams; Kelly (Greg) Sherman, Kristine (D.J.) Hrebec and Debby Williams; dear grandmother of Charles Francis Sherman V, Reese Sherman and Alexander Williams; dear daughter of the late Clarence and Violet Gordon; dear sister of James Gordon, Susie Glenn, Steve, Tom, Kevin and Kenny Gordon; dear sister-in-law, aunt, cousin and friend. Services: Funeral from KUTIS AFFTON Chapel, 10151 Gravois, Tuesday, June 7, 10 a.m. Interment Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Memorials to American Cancer Society appreciated. Visitation Monday 3-9 p.m.

WOW Night @ the Otters

On the Friday night of our yard sale, Shawn's work had WOW night at the Otter's again.  This year mom and Gavin went with us and mom's new boyfriend Roger.  The weather that night was really nice outside, not to cool, but not too warm either.  It was really comfortable.  Mom and Roger enjoyed just spending time together talking, Shawn enjoyed chatting with his coworkers, and I enjoyed trying to keep Gavin from freaking out at the fireworks that went off each time there was a home run!  I hate to admit it, but by the end of the night I was praying for no more home runs!  Gavin enjoyed running around and playing on the playground.  He got a balloon sword made by a clown and enjoyed "getting" Uncle Shawn with it.

Me trying to get Gavin to look at Uncle Shawn so we could get our picture taken.

Me and Shawnie :)

Gavin drinking a refreshing Pepsi in a Gavin-sized can :)

Mom and her new boyfriend Roger

Gavin, chillaxin in the stroller, and ready to go!  He'd had enough clowns, fireworks, and Evan the Otter!

And of course, no blog about ballgame would be complete without a ball player picture

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Away Party for Brian, Jenn & Isaac

On Sunday, June 12, we had a going away celebration for Brian, Jennifer & Isaac.  They are moving to Winter Haven, Florida to help with the ministry at Joe Heard's church down there.  We are going to miss them, but are excited for what God is doing in there lives.  We are also excited to have another vacation home in Florida :)

We were driving home from vacation that day, so we missed the church service honoring them, but we made it back in time for the food and fellowship.  I wasn't feeling so hot that day either, I had a headache and was hot and tired, so we didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked, nor did I get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. 

Shawn and I got Isaac a snack bucket filled up with all kinds of goodies.  It was supposed to resemble my snack cabinet that he enjoyed raiding when he would stop over and visit.  I also made them a scrapbook of all of the pictures I have taken of them and different fellowships we've had at the church over the years.  I enjoyed working on it and it brought back such wonderful memories.

I know I already miss them terribly, but what I miss the most is little Isaac.  Each morning as I would drive pass the bus stop, I would see him out there and would wave and yell "hey Stacey!".  My reply would be "hey Isaac!", or "don't fall out of that tree Isaac!".  If he wasn't at the bus stop, I always looked up in the neighbors tree and saw him and a few other kids.  LOL!!

I hate that I didn't get alot of pictures, or that fact that I didn't get any of Brian, Jenn and Isaac, but here are a few that I took.  There was lots of people from church there along with some old church members, and Brian's family and friends.

Garvin, Jennifer & Angie

Jennifer with Brian's parents

Alex and me :)

Sherry, Danny & Rita, and Jerry & Beverly

John & Jennifer

Ron aka Grillmaster!

Aaron & Shawn

And lots more...

Mexican Food, Ice Heam Hones, & Driftwood Guns

Last Monday night, me, Mom and Gavin went out for a date.  We went to Cancun's in Newburgh, which is my favorite Mexican restaurant, then to Sweet CeCe's in Newburgh, which is my favorite new sweet treat place, and then we went down to the riverfront in Newburgh and took a little stroll. 

This is a picture of Gavin and Nannie after eating a yummy meal. 

After supper, we went to Sweet CeCe's in Newburgh.  It's a new frozen yogurt sweet shoppe and my absolute favorite place to go for sweet treats now.  I always create the same treat for myself - a little chocolate and a little pecan praline frozen yogurt.  Then I top it with chopped peanuts and shaved coconut, fresh cut strawberries and pineapple, some warm, gooey, carmel sauce and top it off with whipped cream.  It's absolutely delicious!  Gavin got his own cup of goodness.  He had cake batter ice cream, sprinkles, gummy bears, whipped cream, and a sour gummy worm on the top.  He loved it and ate every bit of it....including licking it off his arm as it melted all over him. 

A picture of Aunt CeCe enjoying her own cup of Sweet CeCe's :)

After all that goodness, we had to go down to the river to walk it off.  Mom found Gavin a piece of driftwood that is shaped like a gun.  He loves guns and often finds things shaped just like a gun and says "i got gun!"

Trying to catch up!

I've gotten so far behind on blogging and then trying to do three blogs is making it even worse.  I'm the only one to blame for this mess.  LOL!!  So here's to trying to get caught up with my blogs!