Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cobblestone Vacay 2013: Saturday 6/1

Saturday's Menu:

Breakfast: eggs with ham, biscuits and gravy
Lunch: mustacholi, garlic bread, salad
Dinner: BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs, pork steak, baked beans, potato salad, chips, cupcakes

Saturday's Activities:

We played in the bocce ball tourney this morning, but we didn't win.  After the tourney, Shawn, Garret and I went into Cuba to get a drink at Sonic for me and then went to a new Amish deli and bakery.  They had a lot of yummy looking foods!  We'll definitely make a trip back there next year.  Garrett had never been to Steelville before, so we drove into that town and drove around for a few minutes.  On the way back to Cobblestone, we took one of the roads down to the old put-in point for the rafting and canoeing.  The river had risen so we weren't able to go all the way down the road and had to turn around.
I don't really remember what all we did between lunch and dinner.  I know we played table bingo in the lodge with everyone instead of the po-ke-no that was listed, and I'm thinking I just walked around to take a couple pictures and then took a nap. 
Saturday night for dinner, we had a BBQ outside.

Barrel train ride for the little...and big, kids 

Shawn and I with Steve and Terry Anderson

The Cobblestone Welcoming Committee!  Hee!

Ping pong tourney

Lots of naps going on around this place!


Time to place your bets......let's race those horses!
Horse Racing Jockeys! 

Next year, our family IS going to have matching t-shirts too!

Talent show night!  Someone signed Shawn up to sing Georgie Porgie.  He didn't want to do it, but everyone rooted him on.  Since they didn't have the karaoke machine out, he didn't know all the words so he just sang a quick little chorus of it.  Georgie Porgie is really Stevie's song, so it definitely wasn't the same! 

And finally Night Club Night!  The lodge is transformed into a nightclub with disco ball, colored light show, the lights are dimmed, small little lamps are lit, snacks are put out and they have champagne.  Usually this is one of my fave nights and I like to boogie down, but this year I just wasn't feeling it.  I stayed for a little bit, but eventually ended up going back to the cabin and started packing to head home.


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