Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma & Uncle Dave!

(Wow...this is an old post as their birthday's were in the end of February and beginning of April!)  We had a little party at the house to celebrate my mom's 55th birthday and my Uncle Dave's 51st birthday!  I'm sure I cooked us dinner, however I can't remember what we had.  I guess that is one of the bad things about being behind on blogging :(  

My Uncle Dave, Gavin, and my Uncle Popeye

PP: Alex's & Tootie's Totebags :)

A couple more totebags I made.  The pink one I made for my friend Alex from church and the puppy dog one I made for my sister as part of her birthday present. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I am absolutely in love with spring!

One Saturday after work during tax season, I went driving around admiring the beauty of the spring we were having!  It wasn't until a couple years ago that I really noticed and appreciated all that spring has to offer.  I am in love with all that is blooming and the colors that come from that.  I'm not sure what these purple trees are called, but I am a fan of them!

A couple pictures from the Evansville State Hospital grounds.

A few pictures from Downtown Evansville

I see this house every day on my drive to work and love it.  It is sitting empty and I would love to buy it, but have it placed in a different part of town.

A few blooms from Audubon Park in Henderson, Kentucky.

PP: Gavin's Dinosaur Quilt :)

I can't believe I turned this pile of material into a quilt!!  On one of my many trips into Joann Fabric's, I ran into this super cute dinosaur fabric and couldn't resist buying.  It was a more expensive fabric, and I contemplated it for a bit, but knew that if I didn't get it, I would regret it.  Gavin has a passion for dinosaurs right now and I knew it would be super cute on his little bed at my house.  I bought the dinosaur fabric, and then went back later to find the fabric for the back of the quilt and the binding.  I had a few different ones in the cart before I settled on the ones I got.  I had the fabric at home for a bit before I finally decided to dive in and get started on the quilt.  Once I got started, I couldn't stop.  I know it isn't perfect, but I think it's perfect, especially for my perfect little guy Gavin.  I used the tutorials from Prudent BabySew 4 Home, and   Diary of a Quilter that I found on Pinterest.

I started with these 4 piles of fabric and fleece.

I cut each piece to the size I needed and then layed it out on the living room floor, smoothing each piece as I went.  When I got all three pieces layed out and straightened to my liking, I safety-pinned it in a few spots to hold it in place while I sewed it together.

I had a little help along the way too!

After pinning everything, it was time to head to the sewing machine.  I was going to sew around each block and realized then that there was ALOT of blocks on this quilt, and alot of fabric to keep cramming through the machine, so I decided to sew around every four blocks.  That worked out much better!

After I was finished machine quilting it, it was time to add the binding on.  I had a few problems with the binding, but finally found my niche and everything took off smoothly from then.  

And here is the finished product...all sewed together.  I even washed and dried it and it didn't fall apart.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PP: My cute totebag :)

I am absolutely in love with my new sewing machine!  I turned these these pieces of fabric in to a CUTE tote bag!  Since this one, I've made two more - one for Alex and one for my sister, and I've got still got one to make for Allesha!

A Picnic in the Park

On my day off from work for the tax season holiday, I went to Rockport to spend the day with my family.  I picked up Beth and Gavin, we stopped at the store and got lunch and then picked up my mom and Sassy Hose before heading to the Rockport Park for a picnic and to play!  For lunch we had fried chicken, pasta salad and potato chips.  We ate lunch up in the little stone shelter house and then played on the playground, flew Gavin's kite, played with bubbles and took lots of pictures!  Having lunch up at the park, and espescially in that stone shelter house, brought back such great memories as a kid.  We always got chicken and taters from the Pantry and then would go up to the park for lunch and to play!