Monday, May 16, 2011

Nannie's silly glasses

Saturday I went to Rockport to visit Gavin.  They were over at mom's which was great cause I got to visit her too.  Momma has a few pair of funny reading glasses and Gavin loves putting them on.  I was able to snap a few cute pictures of him wearing them!

2011 Flooding

We've had LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of rain around the area lately and I ventured out one evening and took pictures. 

This picture was taken along the I-164 (and I will never pull over along the interstate again to take a picture.  I almost got killed!)

These next pictures were taken along the riverfront in Newburgh.

These pictures were taken along the riverfront in Downtown Evansville.

These are the beams of a steel wall that they started putting up along the casino area downtown.

Another picture taken along the interstate, only this time I didn't stop the car, I kept driving.

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Shawn was going to St. Louis for Easter this year and wouldn't be home, so I went and got Mom and Gavin Saturday morning and they spent the weekend with me and went to church with me on Sunday morning and so that Shawn could spend some time with them.  We bought Gavin a new big boy Hot Wheels trike and I wanted Shawn to be able to see him ride it.  We just relaxed all day Saturday and hung out and played and then on Easter, we all got up and got ready; Uncle Shawn went to St. Louis, and me, mom and Gavin went to church.  After church, we came home and Beth and Tommy, and then Aunt Dobie and Uncle Charlie came over for lunch and we just hung out.  We had a yummy lunch of baked ham, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, rolls and pineapple cupcakes.  Shawn and I got Gavin and Easter basket filled with goodies.  Inside the basket, there was a cowboy bubble gun, a bubble wand stick, a personalizable license plate for his trike at home, a new toothbrush, a Hot Wheels car, and some candy.  We also got him a little plastic golf set and then the big Hot Wheels trike.

Get your motor running...

For one of Gavin's Easter presents, Uncle Shauun and Aunt CeCe got Gavin a Fischer-Price Hot Wheels Trike.  That little ride is SWEET!  It has turn signals, music, a horn, and an engine rev!  It came in a box and I had to assemble it.  It was pretty simple to put together and I only had two parts leftover.  HAHA!  Gavin's little eyes lit up big time when he saw it.  We took it outside for him to ride.  It took him a little bit to get the hang of it, but once he got it, he was riding all over the place!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little blue eggs

One day last week when I got home from work, I stepped out back for a few minutes.  While I was out there, I noticed some straw sticking out of the grill.  I thought to myself "great, another bird's nest in the grill".  Nothing grosses me out more than knowing that a bird has built a nest inside the grill.  Every time this happens, I want to buy a new grill.  So out of curiosity, I raise the lid to the grill. 

I was amazed by what I found inside.  There was a gigantic birds nest that took up the entire grill.  That bird must of spent a year making that nest. 

Upon further investigation, I found 3 beautiful blue robin eggs. 

The next day, I thought I would check inside the grill and to my surprise, there was a fourth blue egg.  Well now this fun to me.  I planned on checking each day to see if there would be more eggs or if they had hatched.

I decided to do a little investigating on the Internet about robin eggs.  I came across this link about The Story of Robin Eggs.  It's been raining the past couple of evenings when I've come home, so I haven't gotten a chance to check them yet.  At the same time, I also don't want to bother them so that the momma bird will stay there and hatch her babies.  I plan on getting a flash light and peeking through the hole in the grill to see if the mama bird is in there.  If she isn't, I might raise the lid to see what's going on.

Update 5/16/11

Well momma bird laid a 5th egg and has since hatched the eggs...

This is a picture of the birds taken Friday evening when I discovered they had hatched.  Notice how much room is in the nest.

This is a picture of the birds taken Sunday afternoon.  They look like they have already grown quite a bit!