Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank You Lord For Protecting Us

Sunday night, July 11, 2010, on our way to church Shawn and I were in a wreck.  We had just left the house about 5 minutes before it happened.  We were on Sharon Road in Newburgh sitting behind a car that was waiting to turn left and a car come racing up behind us and rear-ended us.  Shawn saw them in the rear view mirror coming up really fast and tried to pull up some but couldn't move very much because of the car in front of us.  I was on the telephone with my mom talking to her about a really bad wreck that had happened in their town just earlier, and I hear Shawn say "Oh No", and I look in the side mirror and see this white car flying up behind us, I hear tires screech, and then they slammed into us.  Shawn had his soda in his hand and soda went flying all over the front console of the car, we both were jerked forward and then backwards into the seat.  The whole time I am still on the phone with my mom and and she can hear us getting hit.  After I tell her we were just in a wreck and we were both fine, I got off the phone and called 911.  I got out of the car expecting our bumper to either be laying on the ground or crammed into the backseat.  Thankfully it was neither.  There was hardly a scratch on either car.  I did have some small damage to my car and I'm taking it to Lefler's in the morning for an estimate.  The kid that hit us said that he had dropped his coke and bent down to pick it up.  Why he hadn't seen we were stopped or why his 2 friends in the car didn't see us stopped, I don't know.  The police showed up within a minute or two of us calling.  Quite a few people that lived near the accident came out to see if we were all OK.  The police said they couldn't fill out an accident report since it looked like the damage was not over $1,000 but he did make a copy of everyone's information and said that if we needed a police report for insurance purposes to call him and then he would fill one out. 

Lord, I just want to give you the praise for protecting us and keeping us safe!  And Devil, I just want to say, you did not defeat us and keep us out of church last night!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Day Trip

On Monday, I knew I didn't want to lay around the house all day and I wanted us to go on a day trip somewhere.  Where to, I don't know, I just knew I wanted us to get out and do something.  Shawn didn't really want to and somewhat convinced me to just stay home.  Then I started thinking about the trip again and talked him into it.  We decided to drive over to Leavenworth, Indiana and eat at the Overlook Restaurant.  I have a friend at work who takes her mom there and they say it's good.  It was a nice little drive to get there - maybe about an hour and a half.  We had a yummy lunch with a great view of the Ohio River.  In fact, every seat in the restaurant has a great view of the river.  Shawn had ham and bean soup, a club sandwich and onion rings.  I ordered the roast beef manhatten with mashed potatoes and a salad.  Then I had to order a piece of coconut cream pie.  That is my fave dessert.  And when you walked in the restaurant there is a huge dessert case showing all of their desserts.  As soon as I saw the pie, I knew I was getting a piece. 

After lunch, we drove up to French Lick and went on a train ride at the Indiana Railway.  On this particular train ride, there was a staged robbery, and that added some fun to the already fun ride.  It was hot, but the windows of the train were open and it presented a nice breeze at times.  The train ride was 2 hours long and we saw a few historic landmarks along the way.  The train stopped midway through the ride in a little town for us to get out and stretch our legs, use the facilities and get a chance to meet/talk with the people that staged the robbery.  As always I took lots of pictures.

After the train ride, we went to the West Baden Springs Hotel and walked around the hotel and the grounds of the hotel.  It is really beautiful there and would be fun to stay there, however it is quite expensive.  I remember once as a little kid, we took a little trip here, however at the time we came, the hotel was run down and I don't think people were allowed to stay here.

On the ride home, Shawn kept telling me how much fun he had and was glad that we took the trip and that we will be taking more day trips like this in the future.  I was glad to hear that and am already planning our next one :)

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!  To celebrate the 4th of July, our church had its annual 4th of July celebration.  After morning service, Shawn and I came home and ate lunch and I made a Diet Sunkist Orange cake and my taco salad with a healthy spin to it.  Both were yummy!  We left the house around 5 and went back to church for a cookout, fellowship and fireworks.  There was alot of people from church there as well as a few guests.  There was LOTS of yummy food and I blew my WW points away.  I think it was the homemade vanilla ice cream that sent me over the edge.  After eating we visited with people and I took some pictures and then as it started getting darker, it was time to start the fireworks.  The last few years, we have always had a really good fireworks display and this year was no different.  I tried to take some pictures of the fireworks as they are going off, but it's always hard to get a good picture of them.  And then after the fireworks, a bunch of us were taking silly pictures which was lots of fun!  Angie and Garvin did a great job of getting everything set up and all the food cooked and set out, and then Mike and Phil did a great job of lighting the fireworks and putting on a good display, all the while keeping all of their limbs intact.  Thank you Jesus!

Growing up: using forks and climbing stairs

On Saturday night, Shawn rented another UFC pay-per-view fight and we had people over - Beth, Tommy & Gavin, Shawn's brother Steve, and Bowen and Brenton.  We ordered pizza from Papa Murphy's and got some cheesey bread and cinnamon bread.  Papa Murphy's is the devil in my eyes - it's SO delicious.  I love the variety of pizza's they have and that you can create with your own imagination. 

While I am never interested in watching the fight, I'm always interested in my amazing little nephew.  On this particular night, he talked on the phone to Nana (who was in Michigan) and we had watermelon (which he LOVES) and fresh pineapple for dessert.  He's getting to the point where he doesn't want to be fed anymore and wants to feed himself, so he loves using a fork.  I don't have any baby forks at the house, so all I have are big boy forks, but that doesn't seem to stop him.  He loves using it.  But after about 2 or 3 tries at trying to get the food on the fork without success, he uses his fingers.  It's so cute and I'm so amazed at how big he is getting.  In fact, I'm teaching him to crawl up and down the stairs at home.  I know it's dangerous, but with having a two-story house and his mom and dad have a two-story apartment, he needs to learn how to use them safely.  He's got the crawling up part down pat.  In fact, I didn't even have to show him how to do it, he saw me go upstairs and he decided he wanted to come along and up he went like a pro.  And giggled the whole way up.  We had to go up them about 3 or 4 times that night.  Going down, we still need practice.  Aunt Tace showed him how to go down on his butt one step at a time, but he really didn't get the hang of it, so we'll definitely need more practice.  I got the idea to teach him how to crawl up and down the stairs after watching an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I was amazed at how those little kids used the stairs when they were mere babies and toddlers.  And I decided at that moment that when I had kids, I was going to teach them young.  Well I don't have babies yet, but I have Gavin so I'm teaching him.

A Day of Pampering

Today I took a vacation day so I could have a 4-day weekend.  I also decided to pamper myself.  HA!  I layed on the couch all morning, then made a  hair appointment at 2:00 and a pedicure appointment at 4:30.  I get my hair cut at a salon in downtown Newburgh called Impulse.  I started going there when I won a gift certificate for a few haircut there and have been going every since.  I had finally found a stylist that I liked and I liked how she cut and styled my hair.  Then she decided to move to California because that's where her husband is stationed.  I was sad to see her go.  I went back to the salon once after she moved and I did NOT like how the new stylist cut my hair.  I found out that my old stylist was coming back into town to visit and was cutting hair so I was able to be squeezed in to see her.  Well this past weekend it was time for a haircut again.  I made an appointment with whomever had an opening and thought what the heck, it's only hair, it will grow back.  I ended up in Justin's chair and he did a great job on my cut and style and I will definitely be going back to him.  He cut it how I wanted it, and honored Logan's prices.  I also made sure that he wasn't planning on moving anytime soon! 

Between my appointments, I went home to get my camera and was going to go back downtown and take some pictures.  There is so much beautiful stuff and architecture to take pictures of.  On my way back to get my camera, my friend Heather called and asked if she could drop Zoe off while she went to her hair appointment.  Of course I said yes, I love seeing my littlest BFF and I now had a subject to shoot pictures of.  We went and took a few pictures and then headed to Sonic for a slush before going to get my pedicure.  Zoe enjoyed sitting in the chair beside me getting a massage from the chair and I enjoyed the company.

After the massage, I went home to change clothes and then it was off to Evansville to Red Lobster for dinner with my husband and brother-in-law.  Red Lobster is one of my FAVE restaurants and has a delicious grilled chicken breast dinner, since I don't like seafood of any sort!