Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Riverside Wildlife & Reptile Center

I had read about this place on Roadside America and then googled it to find out more about it  What a fun place!  I'm so glad we went! 

We were given an up-close, hands-on personal tour of the place with Howard our tour guide.  He was friendly and knowledgeable of the center.  And when he couldn't get Leo the lion to come over to where we were so I could take pictures, he mentioned it to the owner and she had someone else take us back out there so that I could get some pictures!  We were also offered the opportunity to hold a baby alligator and a snake.  I choose the first and backed away from the latter.  Eww, I hate snakes!

I love, love, love taking pictures of the tigers!  I could of stood here for hours watching them and taking their pictures!

I really don't like snakes at all, but thought it was neat to see the active snake instead of it curled up in the corner like they usually are in zoos and such.

And I can't even begin to believe I did this!  There was another lady and her son in our group that held it and thought, I think I want to do that too!  I was afraid to touch it at first, but once I did, I decided to hold it.  It was definitely a quick experience and only long enough for a picture, but I did it none the less!

 Howard, our tour guide, with a komodo dragon!

And then there's Leo...Leo the Lion!  Howard couldn't get Leo to come down to us so we could see him and take his picture.  So Gary came out and immediately got the lion to come over.  Leo likes to drink water out of a spray bottle!


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