Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geocaching finds!

Me and Bethie did a little Geocaching this weekend.  We went Friday after swimming to try and find a few in the Rockport Park.  We found the first one really fast and we actually saw it upon driving up on it.  Then we headed to the second one and my phone died. :(  So that was the extent of hunting on Friday.

Sunday when I brought Gavin home, we went again for about an hour or so.  We didn't get much done though because my phone wouldn't pick up a good signal since it's roaming off of all the cell phone towers.  We did find one that we attempted to get on Friday before my phone battery died.  The link and picture below shows the description and the location of the find :) 

We tried a few more that we couldn't find.  My phone kept messing up and it was getting late so we called it a night.  I dropped her off and headed back home.  On my way home, I did stop in at the Chuckles gas station to get a soda.  I remembered there was one there called "Quiz Nose".  So after getting my soda, I pulled it up and drove around the building and saw it upon arrival.  I was stoked!  It was my first find solo :)

I headed home after that and pulled a few more up on the way home but didn't stop at any.  Then I turned on the highway by Aloca and remembered there was one at the USWA building.  There was no one there so I decided I'd go for it.  The coordinates took me to a light pole.  I searched all around that thing and still couldn't find it.  I lifted up the base of the light pole where it sat on the concrete and sure enough, there it was.  It was a nano log, meaning super small.  The log was the tiny green piece of paper.  Definitely small!  LOL!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots & lots of swimming!

Friday I took a vacation day from work and headed to Rockport to pick up Bethie and Gavin and head to the Rockport pool for a day of swimming!  It was family day/night there which meant they were open till 8.  We didn't quite make it that long though; I think we left around 5.  We got there at noon, so 5 hours in the sun and water had us waterlogged.  I had bought a few pool toys the night before so Gavin would have something to play with in the pool.  I got him a pair of googles (he calls them doggles), two splash balls, and a second water squirter.  Bad idea taking them to the pool.  Every kid there wanted to play with every toy and wouldn't take no for an answer.  I finally ended up putting all of the toys up after one of the kids broke one of the water squirters.  The only thing we kept out was the doggles.  Bubby still doesn't stray far from the ladder, but he's getting there.

After swimming, we found one Geocache before my phone battery died.  Then Gavin and I were headed home to meet Shawn for dinner.  We went to dinner at Golden Buddha, then headed to Walmart for a new toy and to Sweet CeCe's so we could get some ice cream. 

Gavin spent the weekend with us cause Saturday I planned for another outing of swimming!  Shawn took the day off on Saturday and we picked up Allesha and Alex from church and headed to Howell Pool out on the westside.  I had originally wanted to go to Burdette, but thought Howell would be just as much fun and a little bit cheaper.  We all had a great time, but I think Gavin had the best time.  Even though he's afraid of the water to a small degree, he's definitely a little fish!


I like going to Howell cause they have a little kid section that has zero entry to a depth of just a little over 2 feet.  It gives Gavin a chance to run around and play without actually being afraid.  He was "swimming" around in the water a lot and as we were getting out for a break I asked him if he wanted me to get a penny so he could dive around and get it.  He said yes, although I knew that I didn't think I had any change to use since I only brought some cash bills with me.  Luckily, and thankfully, as we were walking back to our table, right near the edge of the pool there lay a lonely little penny in the water for us to have.  Thank you Jesus for the blessing!  After break, it was dive-central!  He tossed and dove, tossed and dove, and kept tossing and diving for that little penny! 

I love how I can see his little fingers picking up the penny.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I love my water camera?  If not, I do!  I'm so glad we got it!

It wasn't till near the end of the day that he warmed up to the idea of playing in the sprinklers and splashing water and going off the little green frog slide.  I tried numerous times to get him to go down the bigger slide in the little kid area, but he wasn't having it.  I'm sure it's because of that big red bucket that drops water from the top.  LOL!  And speaking of that big red bucket...when he was going down the little green frog slide and playing around in the water there, he got just a little too close to being out of his comfort zone when the big red bucket dropped the water and it came dumping down in the area he was out.  I was laughing and he came running out of it says "THAT IS NOT FUNNY!"  I sure thought it was bubby!  

After swimming we took the girls home, went home ourself and changed our clothes, and then headed to Boonville for dinner at Logsdon's and then ice cream at the Tastee Freeze.  Yummy!  We normally get the ice cream to go through the drive through, but the drive though line was really long and since the weather outside was nice, I thought it would be fun to sit outside and have our treat.  Glad we did too, cause that ice cream sure was messy for the little boy!

We all got the dipped homemade ice cream; Gavin had banana, Shawn had the cookie dough, and I had the butter pecan.  So, so yummy!! 

Definitely a good day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Corn Dogs, Sno Cones, Taffy & Fair Fun!

Last Thursday when I took a vacation day to go to Rockport to go swimming, I also wanted to go to the Spencer County Fair.  I hadn't been to the fair in years, but remembered how much fun it was to go when we were kids.  The size of the fair sure has changed since then, but we still had a great time.  Mom went with me and Gavin and we had a great time eating yummy fair food....burgers, corn dogs, popcorn, taffy & sno cones!  We also enjoyed some performances from the Boom Squad and Daniel Epperson.  And we were all over the ride area letting Gavin ride rides and jump in the bounce house  That was probably his favorite part.  Who would of thought that the kid who was terrified of them two years ago would love them so much now!

 The best sno cones ever!!  I think the thing that makes them great is that you can put your own syrups on and put on as much or as little as you want!

Watching the Boom Squad perform.  I've always enjoyed listening to them in parades and at fall festivals.  It's such a great group for the community and the kids! 

Rolling Video Games ..this thing was really neat!  It was a big trailer that inside had a long, comfy leather bench seat and 4 big screen TV's set up with video games on them.  I need one of these to send Shawn and the boys too when he rents those fights!  You can rent them and they just roll up in front of your house for two hours of gaming fun!


 Daniel Epperson was also performing at the fair.  He's a local boy with some great country music talent!
One of our many stops in the bounce house!  When I as taking the picture below, I didn't realize there was a little Boom Squad boy doing a flip!  LOL!

Gavin told me he wanted to ride the Sky Wheel.  I told him he probably didn't want too!


Super Slide Fun!  I tried to get him to go down the slide earlier in the day, but he didn't want too.  Later in the evening he said he did.  I really didn't think he would make it up the steps, but he surprised me.  There was actually a little girl in line who mother henned him for me!  Hee!  She helped him up the steps and then get in the potato sack and down he went....although I don't think he was in the sack properly because he came down the slide sideways and laying down.  I thought for sure that would of done him in, but he went back for a second time! Gavin is in the middle lane in these pictures...

Back in line with Mother Hen for his second ride down!  I'm thankful for that little girl for helping him so that Aunt Stace wouldn't have to go down the slide with him!  LOL!