Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Earlier today I messaged my sister and asked if Gavin could spend the weekend with us. I'd pick him up on Friday after work and bring him back home Sunday after church and lunch.

Gavin asked Beth what we would be doing, and I told her nothing really. I thought if it wasn't raining and the weather was warm, which it's supposed to still be, that we might go to Burdette.

Beth's reply to that was....Sweet! He liked that idea. He said "It would be funny if I had a scuba tank, flippers and goggles I would go to the deep side."

LOL! That kid cracks me up!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Trip to New Harmony

A couple Saturday's ago, I wanted to drive to New Harmony and rent a golf cart to drive around the town and take some pictures.  I wanted to go by myself so I could go at my own pace, but I wanted someone to go with me so I would have some company.  I ended up waiting for Shawn to finish golfing that morning.  I wanted to eat lunch at the Bliss Artisan shop where we rented the golf carts, but Shawn didn't want to, and I really wasn't that hungry.  So we ended up at the McDonald's and were going to have dinner at Hawg n' Sauce in Mt. Vernon (more about that later).

Shawn got home about 11:30 and by noon we were headed to New Harmony.  We got to within a mile of New Harmony and it started raining.  It was a light rain, so we went ahead and rented the golf cart.  We rented from the ice cream shop again.  I also asked to make sure the battery was fully charged cause I didn't want to have a repeat of our last trip to New Harmony.

We got all of our stuff loaded in the cart and off we went.  We started off heading towards the river and then around town.  I had seen people take pictures at this cute little turquoise bridge before and couldn't find it last time we were there.  We found it this time and a couple more little trails to ride on.  We stopped at the bridge to take some pics.  I wanted Shawn to take one of me on the bridge, however upon taking one step on the bridge, I got stung in the back of my ankle by either a bee or wasp and it hurt like fire!!  I'm allergic to bee stings, so my ankle started swelling instantly and I started getting nervous.  At that point I wasn't thrilled about the bridge picture at all!  You can see me lifting my ankle and the look of fear and pain on my face in the picture!  HAHA!!  

We drove the golf cart back to the car to get an allergy pill and then took off again.  

There is some great scenery around New Harmony to take pictures off, however the weather, among other things weren't cooperating with us.  I did get alot of pictures, but not the creativity I wanted since it was raining alot and I was trying to keep my camera dry inside the cart.  

We also had a mishap with the cart about an hour into our drive.  Can you guess what it was?  Yep, the battery started running out on us near the big white visitor center again.  I ran in to go to the bathroom and knew they had alot of golf carts there so I asked if they were related to the golf cart rental place at the ice cream store and they said they were.  I explained about our golf cart and asked if they could swap the carts out for us.  They did, and off we went, but then the rain got heavier and the whole afternoon was becoming a wash out.  The rain got the best of us and we ended up heading back earlier than I wanted too.  

Below are pictures of our visit around town...

(My editing skills leave alot to be desired :/)

After the golf cart ride, we drove through New Harmony State Park.  I had wanted to drive through there the last time we were in New Harmony, but we didn't get a chance.  So I thought it would be something fun to do on this day.  It was a bust too!!  The park totally wasn't what I pictured it to look like.  There was definitely alot of camping going on and lots of driving to get to the different parts of the park.  It rained on us the majority of the time we were in there so we just drove through and left.  We stopped at the boat ramp area and got out for a few minutes to look at the river and then spotted this cute little turtle on our way out of the park.  No one was behind us so I stopped in the road and got out and took a few pics of him :)

After the park, we drove into Mt. Vernon to eat an early dinner at Hawg 'n' Sauce BBQ restaurant.  Shawn had been before and said it was good, and I've known other people who have been and liked it.  They were all right, it WAS good!  We shared the deep fried pickles, I had the Ida Hawg BBQ pulled pork potato, and Shawn had a pick 3 sampler platter with ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.  They brought him pulled chicken by mistake so they let him keep it too.  He also had the baked beans and potato salad.  

After super, we drove down to the Mt. Vernon riverfront.  They have recently redone it, and out of all the times we have driven through Mt. Vernon I had never been down there.  It was really nice, and the weather outside was nice that day finally.  We even found a geocache too!

After Mt. Vernon, we headed back towards home and stopped at the Master Gardener area and then the State Hospital grounds where we spotted lots of ducks, squirrels, hedgehogs, a kitty in a tree, and another fox!!  I had been wanting to get out and walk around the Master Gardener.  I was going to the other day and it started pouring down rain as soon as I pulled up.  It's such a beautiful area and a great place to go to get ideas for different types of flowers and plants to have in your yard.

(Uh yeah, I know these ducks aren't fighting! LOL!)

After driving through there a couple times, we left and went to Cold Stone and got ice cream and then headed home for the evening.  While some things didn't pan out how I had envisioned them, we had a great day and enjoyed spending the day together!