Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I am an artist!

You likey?  I did this!

Monday night I joined my friend Kristi Lantrip and her friend, Staci Kinman (who is my new friend via Facebook :)) at Snickerdoodle Kids Art for an evening of painting and chatting.  The three of us were set up at our own table and enjoyed the next three hours painting and talking and just having a great time.  In fact, we all can't wait to go back and I think we are signing up for another class in July!

When we first got there, our table was set up with the paint brushes we would need, some paint cups, and then our painting boards.  We each choose our last name initials (we had to let them know ahead of time what we wanted to paint).  We had to let them know the bow colors we wanted ahead of time too so I choose the green, blue, and red to match a lawn decoration I had outside.  However when it actually came time to paint, I went with a little different color theme.  It's not off much though.  And I must add that I have to be the most indecisive person ever!

First you painted your initial.  You actually gave it two coats of paint and used a hair dryer to help dry it inbetween coats.

Then I used a lid of a spray paint bottle to trace circles on my letter and painted them green.  They also got two coats of paint and dried with a hair dryer.

Then I used the tipped end of the paintbrush and dipped in white paint to make the dots around the circles.  They got one coat and dried with the hair dryer. Then the lady took the letter and sprayed with it some sort of glitter spray, attached the hanging ribbon to the back with a staple gun, and tied the bow on. 

And here are our finished projects!  They were so much fun to make and really so simple.  I can't wait to go back with these girls and make another one!

Oh, and we didn't know that we should of wore older clothes or brought a t-shirt to paint in, so we got to wear some cute little aprons.  I had a cute Hello Kitty apron on.  I wish I would of had someone take my picture in it now :(  Maybe next time, cause there will definitely be a next time!

My fun letter hanging on the front door of the house!  I'm hoping that it won't fade from the sun and the heat that gets between doors at home.  I've had a painted letter up before in the summer and it didn't fade, so I'm hoping this one doesn't either!

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