Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Geocaching: Shawnie's first find!

Mr. ShawnieWOW!  When I first started talking about Geocaching and wanting to do it, he thought it was silly and said he wasn't doing it.  Then I downloaded the $10 Geocaching app for my phone and when he found out, he got a little peeved at me.  Then we used the app while at a reunion to try and find a Geocache, he kind of liked it.  Then we used it again on our way home from the reunion and found a Geocache at the Rockport Park.  I think he was hooked from that moment on!  Hee!

Sunday after church and lunch, we had time to kill before some activities that evening so we decided to try and find a few more Geocaches.  We started with one at Barnes and Nobles, but couldn't find it.  Honestly, we probably didn't dig far enough, but I had a hoot of a time taking these pictures of Shawnie looking for it!  LOL!

Then we moved onto the grounds of the Evansville State Hospital where there are actually quite a few caches located.  Shawnie found two there that day!  He was so excited!  The first one was just a container with a log book in it.

But the second find had some treasure in it.  It was nothing we wanted, plus we didn't have anything to leave in its place.  But it was fun finding a bigger cache!

Since then, Shawnie has looked for caches on his lunch and on his way home in the evenings!  I think it's safe to say that right now he's addicted!  LOL!!

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