Sunday, December 14, 2008


Shawn's 30th birthday is this year. It's next Sunday actually. He was excited and kept telling me he hopes he has a surprise party at church this year since his birthday is on Sunday. Hee!! So I planned a surprise party for him and actually surprised him. Of course I had to do it earlier than on his birthday in order for it to be a surprise. His parents came in to town and spent the night with us and he really enjoyed that. We don't see his parents often so when they do visit, he loves it.

I had the party at Shoguns Japanese Steakhouse in Owensboro. They have a party room that seats about 21 people and I had it packed with family and friends....Shawn's parents, his brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, one of Shawn's coworkers, our friends and their parents. Shawn's coworkers birthday was the day before the party, so Shawn and Richard got to stand up and do the chicken dance to the birthday song. It was hilarious. Our chefs prepared some yummy food, along with an enjoyable show. I got a cake from Piece of Cake and we enjoyed that after dinner.

The planning of the party was the best part. I was hoping that no one would slip up and tell Shawn about it and I'm proud to say that he had NO CLUE about the party. The ride from our house to the restaurant was the longest car ride ever. Shawn kept saying things to make me think that he might of known what was going on. People kept calling asking where we were at. If you know my husband, he makes us late to everything, so I had to keep having fake conversations with people on the phone. It was making me a nervous wreck.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 Rockport Christmas Parade

This year's Rockport Christmas parade was on Saturday, December 6 (my birthday :)). I remember going every year as a kid. Standing out in the cold watching the floats go by and trying to get as much candy as possible. You were out there with bags to get your loot, standing on the sidewalks and inching out into the road as much as you could without getting in trouble for not being on the sidewalks. I even remember being in the parade a few times. Once I rode on the Girl Scout/Brownie troop float. Once in the marching band in 7th grade. I'm sure there were other times. Once I got older, I stopped going. But about 3 years ago, I started going again and it's been so much fun. Standing on the streets with my family and friends, all bundled up from the freezing cold weather, watching the floats go by and trying to see if I know anyone.

2008 HSC Christmas Party

Friday night was the annual HSC Christmas party at the Evansville Country Club. Shawn and I go every year, even though I don't really want to, and we always end up having an enjoyable time. Our table partners this year were Pam and Don, Randy and Ann, and a new lady and her husband. They are from Bombay and she will be working for us during our 1040 tax season. The company was good and the meal was delicious. Here are a few pics that were taken.

Shawn and I (and my way too short new haircut!)

Me, Shirley and Pam
Pam and Don

Laura and Jason