Monday, September 28, 2009

We took a monkey to the zoo

Shawn and I went to the zoo Saturday afternoon.  Shawn loves going to the zoo, so our very first original plan was to spend our 5-year anniversary 3-day weekend in St. Louis and go to the zoo, the Arch, and Grant's Farm.  Then we got the tiny puppy and I didn't want to have to kennel the dogs or have someone else watch them overnight.  So we decided to go to Louisville and eat at this restaurant I like and then go to the Louisville Zoo.  Then it was supposed to rain all weekend and I didn't want to be out of town in all that rain.  So then we decided to just go to Mesker Park Zoo here at home.  Then I decided I wanted to take Gavin with us and Uncle Shawn finally gave in.  I love doing things with Gavin and spending as much time as possible with him.  So we wound up at the zoo here at home.  It was nice.  All of the animals were out except for the camel.  Apparently she had a baby back in April and is still having complications from that and is at an animal hospital for now.  I took lots of pictures.  Posted below are a few, the rest can be found on my facebook page.  If you need a link, just comment me below.

The main entrance has been moved to a different location of the zoo and is much nicer than the old entrace.  Here is a picture of the new entrance, along with a picture of the old entrance below it.

And of course a picture of me with my little Monkey and a few of him.  I think he was really too little to enjoy the zoo, but he did enjoy being a big boy and sitting up riding around in his stroller all day.  He laughed at a few of the animals, or it could of been his crazy Uncle Shawn.  And of course, we had a few melt-downs along the way - him and me both.  And I got pee'd on down my leg and into my shoe during a diaper change.  Thanks Gavin! 

The new Amazonian exhibit was really a nice addition to the Zoo.  And it was cool in there on a warm, sunny, and rainy day.  Here are a few animals from that exhibit.

And of course the Monkey Ship.  Too bad they still don't have monkey's in it.  My little Monkey would of loved playing with his little friends in there.  LOL!!

The giraffe's and zebra's are my absolute favorite at zoos, so naturally I took lots of pictures of them. 

And the pretty peacocks.  Although I never did see any spread their feathers for me, a few came a bit too close for comfort during Gavin's bottle feedings.  Uncle Shawn had to chase them away with the stroller.  Too bad I didn't get any pictures of that.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us:)

Today Shawn and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary.  I am so thankful for my husband and everything he means to me.  I couldn't imagine my life today with out him.  I love you pumpkin! 

We spent the entire morning and afternoon being completely lazy and doing nothing.  Then later in the afternoon we went to Boonvegas to the China Star for lunch.  I know, I know.  Of all places to go for an anniversary lunch/dinner, why there?  That place is yummy and they have the best crab rangoons.  After lunch, we headed back home to pick up the puppies and we went to get Shawn's hair cut, to visit our friends Mandy and Greg and their boys and their new "tiny puppies" and then to Petsmart to get Hershey's nails trimmed and to get Reese a new toy and some cat and dog food and cat litter.  After all that, we were completely exhuasted (probably from eating too much food at the China Star) and headed home.  Now I'm doing laundry and just relaxing before tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are going to the Evansville Zoo and taking Gavin with us.  Then tomorrow night we are going to Sandy's Pizza in Ft. Branch and Shawn's brother is going with us since his wife is out of town.  Tomorrow will be a long day as well, so I'll be looking forward to some much more needed rest Sunday afternoon between morning and evening church.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TTC: I started my period :(

I am devistated! I thought for sure this month would be different. I called the nurse yesterday to let her know that I started my period Monday night. She said she would stick my charts on Dr. G's desk and when he's looked at them, she will let me know what we need to do next. The last time we saw Dr. G, he said that if the injections didn't work the first cycle, that he would have me do them again, but with a stronger dose of medicine. I also talked to the nurse about when they would do an IUI and got some more info on that. Once again, I'm just waiting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picasa is my new best friend :)

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Labor Day Celebration **Warning: Pic Heavy!"

We went to Bowen and Heather's for a labor day get-together. Bowen's parent's were there as well as my sister and her family. We always have a GREAT time when we are all hanging out together. We had LOTS of yummy food...chili, hot dogs, wing dip and chips, brownies, no-bake cookies and pimento cheese sandwiches. Nothing but junk! Next time I think we are going to have a healthy get-together. HA! I enjoyed spending time with family and friends and my wonderful nephew and of course showing off my new puppy. Zoe was in heaven having a new puppy and Gavin in the same room. She kept them both entertained and loved being in lots of pictures with them both. We also played some hillbilly golf and then had a fire later that night and roasted hot dogs. And of course, I was armed with my camera and got LOTS of GREAT pictures for posting.

Playful Pup

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of yipping coming from the downstairs bathroom and realized that Little Bit was up and ready to be let out of her kennel. So I took her and Hershey outside while they pottied and then inside we came. Sat on the floor for about an hour and played with and gave them BOTH lots of loving. Hershey still isn't quite sure about the new puppy, but they are adjusting to each other more each day. One thing I know Hershey doesn't like is that he can't play with the new puppies toys. Every now and then I'll catch him sneak the blue ropey cat up onto the couch. I guess I better head back to Walmart and Hershey his own. He had the yellow ropey cat when he was a puppy and I guess it's bringing back memories. HA!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Reese Cup aka Bella aka Dot

About 2 weeks ago, we went and visited Reese Cup at her current home (I'm behind on blogging). She's growing like a weed as you can tell from my last post about here. This Friday, she'll be 8 1/2 weeks old and I think we are going to bring her home with us. Hopefully she'll adjust well with us and more importantly Hershey Bell. Oh how I'm looking forward to housebreaking and crying nights. LOL!! And you'll notice her name has changed. The name her current owners gave her is Dot (which I really like) and then we changed it to Bella. However Shawn changed his mind and now wants to call her Reese Cup (I think it's because of HB's and her new bed!).

TTC: I FINALLY got my trigger shot!

That shot has been up in my cabinet for the longest time it seems. Monday's estrogen blood draw showed that my estrogen levels were high enough to indicate a mature follicle, so I went back into Dr. G's office Monday evening and got my trigger shot. The purpose of the trigger shot is to make me ovulate. So starting that night and every other night this week, Shawn and I are supposed to "get it on". LOL!! If I start my period, I have to call the doctor's office and let them know and then with my next cycle, I'll start the injections again at a stronger dose. If I don't start my period by cycle day 35, then I am supposed to take a pregnancy test and call the doctor's office with the results. Lord, please heal my body from whatever is preventing me to get pregnant!