Friday, August 2, 2013

Slip n' Slide Adventures

Gavin spent last weekend with us and we had lots of fun!  Our weekend started out Friday with a day of geocaching.  You can read about our geocaching adventures here

Slip n' Slide Fun Not Fun!

On Saturday I had planned on taking Gavin to the Newburgh Pool for the day, however the weather forecast was predicted to be not that warm and possible rain.  A few days ago, my uncle had given me a brand new slip n' slide that he got at a yard sale for Gavin to have, so I thought we would set that up and play on it Saturday instead of going to the pool.  My friend from work had also told me that she was going to Burdette on Saturday with her boyfriend and his daughter if we wanted to come along.  I thought that would be fun, but the weather still showed it was going to be cooler and rainy, so we opted to stay home. 

All morning Gavin talked about the slip n' slide and wanting to get it out and play with it.  Around noon, we set up.  I got the slip n' slide out of the box and blew it up with our hand pump, then got Gavin ready in his swim trunks, and then went upstairs to get myself ready.  I sent Shawn outside to get the hose out of the shed.  Gavin needed to wear his "doggles" too so I had to get those out of the swim bag.  I also texted my friend Rachel next door to see if her son Noah wanted to come over and play on it too.  He's just a few months younger than Gavin and they have played together before.

OK, let's get outside and get this fun started!!  I placed the slip and slide in the yard, straightened out the red slider part and staked the ends down.  Shawn had the hose out so I hooked it up to the slip n' slide and turned the water on.  The water was supposed to spray over the red slide part like a tunnel so I was watching for it to come out and didn't realize that the area where the hose was connected too was twisted and was blowing up like a balloon and before I could get the water shut off, it popped.  


I figured I could just shove the hose into this one part and it would still work.  Nope, it's not working, but I thought maybe it's because the hose has some semi-kinks in it.  So I go get a new hose out of the garage and hook it up and try it.  Nope, it's still not working.  So I text Rachel back and tell her that the slip n' slide is already tore up and sorry!  Then I thought, well I'll just attach the nozzle to end of the hose and spray the stupid thing and the kids.  I called Rachel back and told her to come on over anyways and that we are doing it "Redneck Style!"  LOL!

At this point, I'm freaking sweating like a pig and that sun outside is HOT!  The boys play on it for a few minutes, neither one of them knowing how to actually run and slide on it, and me and Rachel trying to show them how to do it without actually doing it.  Wouldn't that have been a sight!  They play on it for a little bit and then Reese discovers the pool of water at the end.  She wants to play in that, Noah wants to play on the slip n' slide, and Gavin wants to squirt everyone with the water hose!  And all the while that this was going on, Shawn came outside and saw a spider on the slip n' slide and start wigging out about that, so I had to kill it and he ran inside like a little girl!  We were all hot messes and I was ready to be done.  LOL!!

Rachel decided to take the kids home cause it was their lunch and nap time and neither one were happy about it.  I felt bad cause the whole event totally didn't happen the way I had envisioned it to happen.  And of course I threw the junk slip n' slide in the trash and Gavin was upset about that.  From now on Bub, we are just going to a pool somewhere.  

This is the only picture I got from the whole ordeal :(  I envisioned lots of pictures of the kids running and sliding and just having a great time together.

Later Saturday evening, we went to the Vanderburgh County Fair and Derby.  You can read all about that adventure here.

Sunday morning we all got up and got ready for church.  What's the best way to eat breakfast before church?  Sitting on the doggies step stools watching Scooby Doo while the dogs salivate and pray that he drops some of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

After church, we went to Logsdon's in Boonville for lunch and then to the Tastee Freeze for yummy ice cream - banana for Gavin, cookie dough for Shawn, and butter pecan for Aunt Stacey.  And then we headed to Rockport to take little man back to his house where his mommy and daddy had surely been missing him.  We visited there for a little bit, and then did a few caches before heading to the Robinson-Bells to hang out and have dinner.

Another busy, yet extremely fun weekend making lots of great memories with family and friends.  We are truly blessed!

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