Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Geocaching, splash parks, & cookouts with friends

Saturday morning I picked up mom, Beth, and Gavin for a day of fun and adventure!  Up first, geocaching!  We found one at the old Chevy dealership, Sandale Cemetery, and Ebeneezer Cemetery.  We looked for one at James Parker Cemetery, but we would of had to get into some deep weeds to get it and I wasn't feeling it.  We'll have to try that one again either in the fall or the winter when the vegetation dies down.

 After that we headed to the one at Boner Bridge.  While we couldn't find the geocache, we did find the letterbox...and now I want to start letterboxing!  LOL!!  I'm already looking for a fun camera stamp or a wiener dog stamp!  Oh yeah, we also found a snake skin!  GAG! GAG! and GAG! again!

Bubby says geocaching is not fun....he's always stuck sitting in the car!

After that we headed out to Red Brush.  I was excited to find the one at Red Brush because it was supposed to be a larger cache container and because it was supposed to hold a couple travel bugs (TB).  TBs are something I've never gotten before, but really want too.  We parked the car as close as we could and then I headed off down across the field to the tree line.  I was hoping I could see it closely without having to get into a bunch of the woods or the weeds and sure enough....there it was, behind the tree.  I was uber excited!  I yelled out to mom and Beth that I found it and they all came down the hill to where I was.  It was definitely the biggest cache we have ever found and it was packed full of goodies for swap.  Gavin had brought a dinosaur and car with him to swap out.  He swapped for a marble.  I swapped my fun paperclip for a Travel Bug!!  YEAH!!  There was actually two and I wanted to take both, but I wasn't sure of the proper etiquette when there was more than one TB.  I choose Eisi the white polar bear.  I've blogged about Eisi here.

After we finished with that score, we headed into Boonville and got ice cream at the Tastee Freeze (oh yeah!) and then headed to Scales Lake to go to the petting zoo and drive around for a bit. 

While we were at the petting zoo area, there was an interesting leaf bug on the wooden fence.  It was kind of fun taking pictures of it, but at the same time I was concerned it might jump on me thus causing me to freak out!

After we left Scales Lake, we drove over to the City Lake so Gavin could play in the splash park.  He loved it and was sad when they shut the water down for the day.  He wanted to come back the next day.  Me, mom and Beth even dipped our piggies in the water. 

While we were gone, Heather called and invited Shawn and I over for dinner.  After I took my geocaching crew home, I headed back to Richland to hang out with friends for the evening.  We had yummy hot dogs, burgers, fresh garden corn on the cob, salad, and then yummy ice cold watermelon!  No Robinson cookout is complete without watermelon!  We also played the game Headbands!  Funny!  We always have a great time hanging out with them!
When Zoe was younger, she always liked getting her pictures taken; now not so much.  However we did go out in the yard and have a fun time being silly.  Every picture I smiled in, she acted silly, so I decided to act silly in the pictures she was smiling in.  I just love my littlest BFF!

Hey Bowen....put Shawn to work!!

Oh yeah...watermelon time!!

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