Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun @ the Refuge Christian Church Launch Party

Saturday evening we went to the launch party for the Refuge Christian Church fka Soul's Harvest Church. We know some people that pastor there and go there and thought it would be an afternoon of fun!  They had face painting, a dunking booth, sack races, bounce houses, fireman with water hose demonstrations, food, Christian music, giveaways, and even a little kid "portel" potty!

Mom, Gavin and I got there first; Uncle Shawn was out working on his day off :/  Then later that evening he joined us.  We ran into lots of old friends that we used to go to church with....Wes & Paula, Jimmy & Brenda, Jimmy & Sarah & their kids, Jason & Christina & their kids, Cindy & her son, Carrie & her kids, and Eddie Carroll. It was great seeing them and reminded me of the old times at church :(

First up was face painting and then the boy took off!  He did the bounce house slide "fifty sixty thousand" times.  He loved dunking people in the dunking booth and stood around and watched them forever getting dunked, he played basketball, he tossed bean bags, and he jumped around in a potato sack.  By the end of the evening, Gavin was wore out and his socks were as black as his Incredible Hulk eyebrows!  

Nan won a prize...a gift certificate to Riveria Grill.  Hello yummy Mexican food!

 We definitely had a great time and I'm glad we went!

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