Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TTC: All I Want Is A Simple Injection Please :/

I was suppose to call this month when I started my period because I have to start a 3-month series of the Lupron Depot injections before my surgery.  So Tuesday morning I called and left a message on Michelle's VM.  She's the surgery scheduler and the one I had been talking to the most.  I told her I started my period and then asked what date she scheduled my surgery for.  Last time I talked to her it was either going to be Nov. 21 at the Women's Hospital or Nov. 26 at St. Mary's.  She said when she found out, she would call.  I never heard back from them on my call Tuesday so I thought I would call them again today, because I knew there was a window of time that I needed to have the injection. 
Well Kristy (the receptionist) answered the phone and she's always so busy sounding and is always putting me on hold because the phones are ringing...no big deal, I understand.  I told her I needed to talk to either Michelle or the nurse. That's when she told me Michelle didn't work there anymore.  I told her that I left her a VM and what I needed.  She put me on hold to get my chart.  I was on hold forever.  I'm thinking she must of forgot about me cause when the phone rang back she answered it normal.  I'm like...it's still Stacey.  She apologized and said they were swamped and they had 10 transfers just today.  I'm thinking....get your current patients pregnant before taking on any new patients, but whatever!  She says shes going to get my chart and puts me on hold.  Again forever.  This time Tera, the nurse answers the phone.
So I have to tell her what's going on and she's like your surgery isn't scheduled yet,  I don't know why Michelle told you that.  We don't schedule surgeries that far in advance and that they only schedule them a month ahead cause they do so many.  Fine whatever, I tell her I prefer the Women's Hospital over St. Mary's and she said, well we don't do surgeries at the Women's Hospital.  I said apparently you did cause that's where I had my first one at.  She said maybe we used to but we don't anymore and she gave me some excuse.  Fine whatever, just schedule it and let me know when it is so I can get my work schedule figured out.  Then she wants me to either come in tomorrow or Monday at the latest to get my injection.  Tomorrow they are they from 8-noon.  Great I get off at noon, that's not going to work. So she wants me to come in Monday.  I told her I already have plans on Monday to go to Holiday World and I'll have Gavin with me.  She said well can’t you come in beforehand?  I would prefer not to.  So I'm like fine, I'll come in in the morning on my way to work and get it.  So I'm like well do you need to call the injection in or will the pharmacy still have it (they had already called it in once when I thought I was having my surgery this month, but I pushed it back a couple months)?  She said they should still have it.  Fine, I'll pick it up tonight and come in in the morning. 
So I call the pharmacy.  Of course they don't have the injection anymore and won't get it in until tomorrow sometime after 12 noon.  Ugh!  Beautiful.  So now I have to pick the injection up tomorrow on my way home from work, and then Monday morning before Gavin and I go to Holiday World, I have to run into Evansville and drag him with me.  Not that I mind taking him with me.  It's just aggravating that they should of called me back Tuesday so we wouldn't have to wait until the last day to get the shot.  

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