Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Surprise! Happy Birthday Braidon!

My cousin Chrystal had an early surprise birthday pool party for my little cousin Braidon last Sunday evening.  She had it early because the pool would of been closed for the summer before his birthday later this month. 
Shawn and I picked up my littlest BFF Zoe, my mom, and Gavin and we headed to the Rockport Pool for an evening of fun.  Everyone arrived a few minutes early for the party and then Donnie blindfolded Braidon and drove him around the block a few times before pulling up to the party.  He led him to the entrance where everyone yelled surprise! 
I think it's safe to say that Braidon was definitely surprised!  We had cake and ice cream (thanks to Shawnie who was feining for ice cream!) and lemonade and then Braidon opened presents.  After that, we spent two hours swimming in the pool and had a great time!  Too bad my birthday isn't in the summer, I'd have myself a pool party too!

We got Braidon a Rubics Cube, a glow-in-the dark Batman shirt, and some candy.  And then I bought Chrystal a cute texting turtle statue.  My cousin Braidon's nickname is Turtle, so she collects turtle things.

I was so proud of Zoe!  She wanted to go off those diving boards so bad.  She was constantly looking at them and talking about going off and trying to get Shawn or I to go off of them with her (no thank you!)  She inched closer and closer to them and then would chicken out.  Then I wasn't paying attention and looked around for her and there she was.....finally attempting the diving board! 

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