Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vanderburgh County 4-H Fair & Derby

Saturday night was the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fair and Derby!  Shawn was excited to go and watch the derby and Gavin was excited to go and ride rides and play games!  We didn't have very good seats for the derby this year so Gavin and I spent the majority of the time riding rides.  Well he rode the rides, I just stood and watched and took pictures. 
When we first got there, we got Gavin the wristband so that he could ride all the rides he wanted to.
Showing off his ride wristband cause he's a big boy!

He did it!  He rode the Dragon Wagon roller coaster again this year even thought he said he wasn't going too. 

After riding the construction trucks and the roller coaster, we got some food and headed to the grandstand to watch the pre-derby concert and wait for the derby to start.  DeWayne Spaw performed the concert again this year.  He was there last year and is a great singer and performer.

There was a lot of people there for the derby.  In fact, 7,500+ people.  Our seats were not the greatest at all.  In the past, Shawn has had a friend go there early in the day and reserve our seats, but he wasn't able to this year.  We walked all around looking for some, but there was none.  Shawn spotted some on the other side of the track and on our way over there, I saw a family get up from the bench seats at the rail.  I asked if they were sitting there and she said no, so I said thank you very much and we all sat down.  Like I said, they weren't the best seats, but they were seats none the less.
We sat there for a little bit, but we really couldn't see and Gavin was wanting to go play games.  I told Shawn we were going to the rides cause I had just paid $20 for that wrist band and two rides wasn't cutting it for me.  LOL!  Shawn stayed and watched the derby the whole time, while we rode rides and fished for shark.

Gavin always wants to play games, but I just can't bring myself to pay $3 to $5 for a try at a game where you can win a silly prize.  He really wanted to do the shark fishing and he had a $1, so I added two more $1's to it and he fished for a small prize - a little toy squirt gun.

After that it was off to ride more rides!  He went down the slide twice, jumped in the bounce house one time, rode the carousel once, the roller coaster once, the construction trucks twice, the boats once, the motorcycles once, the ladybugs 3 times, and the spinning teacups twice. 

The spinning teacups are definitely more fun with a girl that knows how to spin them.  She had that thing spinning so fast, I thought for sure Gavin was going to puke coming off of it.  He didn't, but he was definitely wound up.  He was like a totally different kid!  LOL!

After all that, we headed back over the derby to watch the last truck race with Uncle Shawn.

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