Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Geocaching: Eisi der Eisbär

Meet Eisi the white polar bear
I picked Eisi up in a geocache this weekend.  When I put in her tracking number, here is what I found out about her...(taken from the Geocaching website)
Owner:  Team Falki
Release:  Tuesday, 02 February 2010
Origin:  Niedersachsen, Germany
Recently Spotted:  In the hands of The Glenn-Bells
  I am Eisi the polar bear. I would like to travel to a cache in Milford, Ohio, USA. There I would like to see how some of the relatives of the owner live. Of course I would be happy if you could take pictures of me on my journey there.
She has traveled 26927.5 miles on her journey thus far.
Here are a few of her pictures taken on her journey thus far (I copied these from her geocache tracking page)...
Eisi with her new travel buddy

Eisi rides cross country

Eisi visits Florida
Eisi visits Kansas
Eisi visits St. Louis
Eisi visits the Glenn-Bell's in Indiana :)

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