Sunday, August 4, 2013

Geocaching: Shawn makes a few finds

Last Friday, me, Beth and Gavin went geocaching and there was a couple in Rockport that we couldn't find.  One was down at the lower landing in Rockport and the other was at a church.  I've been to that church one about 3 or 4 times to find it.  I even got a clue from the cache owner and still couldn't find it.  When Shawn and I took Gavin back home on Sunday, we went back to these caches to find them.  Shawn's pretty good at really getting in there and finding them, so I knew I could count on him to get these too!
I love driving down by the bluff whenever we visit Rockport.  It's just so relaxing and has some beautiful scenery! 

I knew I could depend on Shawnie to find the cache!  This was one of the smallest ones we have ever found!

And then the one at this church is the same size.  Shawnie found it too, but couldn't reach it!

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