Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Luce Fall Festival

Saturday evening was our annual trip to the Luce Elementary School Fall Festival.  Things were a bit different this far as the set up of the festival and who all didn't get to go, but we still had a great time, and came home with some great prizes again!

  Thanks to my friend Tina for getting me my tickets early!  I wasn't able to be there as soon as they started so she graciously volunteered to get me mine and I paid her back.  I'm glad she sent Renee to get me all the winning tickets!  Hee!  Please don't be mad at me Tina!

We ended up winning:

**a $50 Walmart gift card
**a certificate for an overnight stay at Tropicana which also includes two dinners at Max and Ermas and two breakfast buffets the next morning
**a family fun pack of 8 box field seats to an Otters game for the 2014 season
**a $20 BJ's pizza gift certificate
**a DQ ice cream cake certificate
**a $10 gift certificate to a body spa in Boonville
**a $25 D'Patrick service gift certificate
**a 31 cosmetic bag and nail file
**a candle
**a hat
**a cute Christmas decoration
**a fire extinguisher

Not too shabby for a $40 donation to the school for 25 cent tickets! 

You can read about our 2012 winnings here, our 2011 winnings here, and our 2010 winnings here!

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