Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fun at the Park!

Saturday the weather was nice, warm, sunny and windy!  A perfect day for playing at the park under the blue bridge!  I picked up Beth and Gavin early in the afternoon.  We stopped at Rebels to get chicken and taters and drinks and headed to the park for a picnic lunch and then playground fun!
I am always talking to Gavin in the car and our conversations truly amuse me!  I hadn't seen him seen Halloween and since he started school, I'm always curious how school is going and what he does. 
Our little conversation went like this...

Me: Whatcha been doing in school?
Gavin: Same thing we do everyday.
Me: You have a girlfriend?
Gavin: NO!
Me: You have a boyfriend?
Gavin: NO!
Me: You like Miss April?
Gavin: Stop aggravating me Stace, I'm trying to look out the window!
I almost peed in my pants and Tooter about choked on her tater!  That little boy truly makes my heart happy!
When we got the park, all of the parking spots at the park and within a 2 block radius of the park had signs on them from the police department that you weren't allowed to park there at 11:00.  We didn't get there like till around 12:30 so I didn't know if the event had already happened or not.  Other people were parked in them, so I did too.  I figured I would be able to see if police or tow trucks were coming to move cars.  I found out from someone that there was a Veteran's Day parade at 3:45.  I just left the car in the spot I was in, I didn't think we would be there that long.  It probably wasn't an hour later and the police came by and said that people needed to move their cars or they would be towed.  I had to end up moving the car to a parking garage a couple blocks away.  And then even at that, I had to exit the garage by 3:30 or we would be blocked in until after the parade.  We ended up leaving at 3, and had a great day at the park!
We tossed lots of pennies into the fountains, so we hope to have lots of wishes come true!  Gavin definitely has my dad in him with how he stands watching stuff with his hands behind his back!

After we left this park, we drove out to Yellow Creek Park to walk around and hopefully take a few pictures.  Well that little junk point and shoot wasn't working out to well.  And I was definitely jealous of all the people out there with their DSLR cameras.  I sure wish mine would be coming back from the repair shop soon!  I should of waited till I was out of commission with my surgery to send it back in :(  Stinkin' thinkin' on my part!
Hopefully I'll have my camera back before all of this fall color is gone and I'm laid up on the couch for 4 to 6 weeks!

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