Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lazy Weekend at Home

Our lazy weekend at home!

Gavin stayed with us last weekend.  We didn't really have anything planned to do other than church, which is definitely unusual for me when I get Gavin.  But I thought it would be fun to just have a lazy Saturday at home.  I had things in mind for us to do around the the Wii, work on our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, bake cupcakes and deviled eggs for church on Sunday, and just relax at home hanging out.

Friday night after I picked Gavin up, we stopped in Hatfield and visited my friends Tina and David for a little bit until Shawn got off work.  Then it was off to dinner at our usual Friday night spot...Jalisco's.

Saturday was kind of busy at home, but was lazy too.  We just lounged around and played the tablet some, played the Wii some, vacuumed, worked on our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, baked some cupcakes, and made deviled eggs.  Then later that night Uncle Shawn had people over for a UFC fight.


Gavin makes a lot of paintings in school and Beth has them hung up all over the kitchen.  I asked for one of them and got this fun green one.  I bought a frame for it and am going to hang it in his room. 

Working on our coloring pages for our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Taking a break to play some Super Mario Brothers!

Licking cake batter off the beaters!  It's yummy Stace!

Shawn had a fight night last Saturday, and Zoe and Kiley wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies!

Sunday we headed to church and celebrated Pastor's Appreciation Day!

There was bad storms Sunday afternoon taking Gavin home.  Luckily and thankfully, we were behind them the entire time.!

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