Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winning at the Luce Fall Fest

We went to the Luce Fall Fest again this year and we cleaned up with better prizes.  LOL!!  Usually we win stuff, but it's t-shirts that are usually too small, coupons for kids' meals, etc.  This year I bought $10 in tickets and won a $25 gift certificate to Zeidler Florists, a Scentsy nightlight/warmer and pack of Pumpkin Marshmellow scent bars to go with it, a Better Homes and Garden magazine, and something else that I can't think of now (see this is why blogging is good, it helps you to remember events; well that is if you blog about them when they happen!).  The Scentsy nightlight/warmer is my FAVE!  I'm in love with that stuff now and will probably be purchasing these for people for gifts.  Shawn bought $15 in tickets and won a bunch of stuff as well.  He got a $10 gift certificate to Acapulco Mexican, a pair of grippers for your shoes for the snow and ice, some Discovery Toys, a spinning pen, a gift certificate for a feather extension, a UK backpack with goodies, and a few other things. 

I can't believe these pictures below are all I took during the whole evening and they are probably some of the worst pictures I have ever taken :(

Gavin did the cake walk a few times; but didn't win any cakes.  Beth did the cake walk right before we got there and won a jumbo chocolate chip cookie. 

Fishing in the fish pond

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