Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Trick-or-Treat Day!!!

Halloween this year was a little bit different that it usually is.  Yeah, it was still on October 31, but the weather was supposed to be really bad that evening so a lot of cities postponed trick-or-treating until Friday, except Rockport. 
I had already planned on trick-or-treating with Gavin this year instead of helping Shawn pass out candy at Boo in Boonville.  However because of the weather, I was able to do both this year :)
Thursday I left work early and went to pick up Beth, Gavin, and Tommy for some trick-or-treating fun!  Our first stop was at a church in Rockport for a trunk-or-treat evening.  They had some candy stations, free hot dogs and water, and then had a few prize giveaways.
The "Scary Skeleton"

After we left the trunk-or-treat event, we trick-or-treated a few houses near the church, then went to Aunt Dobie's and to Nan's before I dropped them off and headed home.

Boo in Boonville!!

My friends Heather and Brandi's kids....Kaid as Abe, Zoe as zebra kitty?, and Kassidy as a gumball machine :)

And some of my outside fall decorations (pictures taken with my junk cell phone, so the quality isn't that good!)


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