Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child!

This year, Gavin and I did two boxes.  One for a boy ages 2-4 and one for a girl ages 2-4.  And once again I packed the boxes so full, I had to ditch these plastic totes and go upstairs and confiscate two of Shawn's shoe boxes to use!  They were much bigger than the plastic totes and I was able to get everything in them without squishing anything.  Note to self for next year...don't buy plastic containers, use actual shoe boxes.

This year, I did all the picking out for the shoeboxes.  Kind of defeats the purpose of Gavin and I doing them together, but I get so excited about them!  So next year, we are gonna have to add more.  Two that Aunt Stace can do, and two that Gavin can do!  Note to self for next year....don't be greedy buying everything without Gavin.  Spend the day shopping with him and let him pick everything out for two boxes! 

A close up of the boy's box

And a close up of the woman's box.  Not a girl's box, but a woman's box as Gavin calls it!

We did spend Saturday morning coloring our pages and filling out the questions and going through the goodies again to get them packed just right in the boxes!

Some of Gavin's answers to the questions:

Fave drink:  Water
Fave food:  Mom's spaghetti
Fave color:  Green
Fave game:  Legos Starwars
Fave thing to do:  Play mom's Kindle
I love Jesus because:  Jesus loves me :)

(Ignore our crazy Saturday morning bedhead please ;))

If you wrap the boxes, you are supposed to wrap the lid seperately from the box.  I guess so they can be opened and inspected?  Well last year, I wrapped the entire box so I'm wondering if that's why my box wasn't able to tracked?  This year I wrapped them seperatly.  Note to self...next year, wrap the boxes before you put all the stuff in them, they will be easier to manuever  Also, don't use a shoebox with a lid attached on one side...if you do, your wrap job will be horrible.  Second note to self...next year, buy decorative Christmas themed boxes that look they already have wrapping on them.  It will be easier!

Now I just have to drop the boxes off tonight and I will be done.  I pray that these boxes fall into the hands of a child who will be blessed because of their contents.  I pray that these boxes lift the spirit of that child.  And I pray that God blesses that child abundantly and beyond! 

I'm ready to start shopping for next years boxes!

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