Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekend Fun {Gavinisims}

I love it when Gavin says the word "because".  LOL!  Last night upon leaving Jalisco's.....

Shawn: Oh, wanna go to Schnuck's and get donuts.
Gavin: No.
Me: Why?
Gavin: Behause it's night time.
Shawn: Why?
Gavin: Behause it's night time.

On our way home from dinner, I had to get stop at Huck's and get gas, and Shawn ran over to the Walgreens.  When I was finished with the gas, he wasn't back yet so we drove over to Walgreen's to pick him up.  I was just going to wait in the car for him.  Gavin was insistent that we go in the store and get him.  I asked why.  He said we needed to look at toys!  That kid is cracking me up!  He wanted a transformer in there and it was $10.  I told him no because it was $10 (and because it was a little fart knocker of a toy).  Later once we were home he tells me he wishes that transformer wasn't $10.  LOL!

On Sunday at Heather's, Gavin was adamant about not swimming.  I finally coerced him to let me take his clothes off and put his swim trunks on and at least sit on the side of the pool.  But not before he had to run around the deck naked telling "Sehwan" that he was only sitting on the side of the pool.  LOL!!  Everyone was cracking up! 

Then later that night when we were done swimming and I was changing him back into his clothes, he told me he had to pee.  I told him to go down and pee in the grass.  Next thing I know, a little naked white boy was standing on the top stop step of the deck, peeing into the grass!  I said Gavin "what are you doing?  I told you to go pee in the grass."  He said "I did Stace".  Bubby, I meant go down into the grass to pee!

I know there were tons more funnies, but these are all that I can actually remember! 

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