Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gavin & Aunt Stace go to Burdette

Last Friday night Gavin spent the night with me.  I wanted to take him to Burdette on Saturday so he could enjoy some little kid pool time, however the weather was supposed to be a little cooler than normal and rainy.  So we decided to start the day with a few yard sales.  I had all of our pool stuff packed in the car anyways, just in case.  By the time we got finished with our third yard sale, it was smokin hot and sunny.  It was about 10:00 and I said to Bubby, how about we go get some breakfast and go swimming.  He said "yeah!"

Our breakfast destination was Cracker Barrel and it was yummy!  Of course right after we sat down and ordered our drinks and food and received our drinks, Gavin had to go to the bathroom.  When we came back from the bathroom and headed towards our table, we had a nice clean table.  I knew it would happen. Our waitress had to bring us out new drinks and tableware. 

After breakfast, we headed to Burdette.  We were in and changed by 11:30 and had a great afternoon of pool fun.  I think we finally ended up leaving around 4 or 4:30.  While there, there was an incidence of poop in the pool that resulted in a 45 minute wait while they cleaned the pool.  There was also two incidences of the need of the lifeguards.  Hopefully those two people were ok.  We also expereienced the snackbar with some yummy nachos while Gavin splayed in the sprinklers and sprayers in the the spray park.

This little boy is like a fish in the water.  He loves wearing those swim doggles and "diving" into the water and retreiving the dive rings and just swimming around and floating.

Attempting to take Aunt Stace down in the water and mess her hair up...

   Look mom...I'm floating!

My attempt at a panorama picture with the water camera.  I didn't quite get the 2nd and 3rd picture put together just right, but close enough.

And on the ride home I got another one of these answers "no Stace, I'm not sleepy" and two minutes later this is the result!

You can't park much closer than this!
Stealing Aunt Stace's nachos while playing in the spray park!

The deserted pool...the result of some kid dropping a duce!

After we left Burdette, we headed back home so I could change and gather up Gavin's stuff so I could take him home.  But not before our stop at the Tastee Freeze.  We were gonna go Friday night, but we were all stuffed from dinner at Angelo's.  We made sure and saved room for the ice cream Saturday evening.  And I must say, that ice cream trip was an ordeal!! 

Gavin was still asleep when we got to the TF so I woke him up and put a shirt on him once he got out of the car.  I thought about seeing if he needed to pee since he had been asleep and it had been awhile since he went, but thought no, we'll cross that bridge later.  I should of had him go.  As soon as they handed us our already-melting ice cream cones, Gavin tells me he has to pee.  I ask if they have a bathroom, which of course they do, but won't let us use.  That's ok. I inform them that we will then be peeing in their parking lot.  So off to the car we head, with two ice cream cones in my left hand a little boy in my right hand.  I get the passenger side door open and tell him to pee towards the ground in the corner and to pull his pants down.  Well he's got wet swim trunks on and I forgot they are tied in the front.  I see them down in the back and he starts peeing, only it's shooting in the air and all over my car door.  Ugh!  I take my hand and push his little business down so that he's peeing on the ground and I have pee all over my hand and the in the car door.  And I have melting ice cream running down my other hand.  I only had a few napkins so I tried to clean up the pee/ice cream mess as best I could, but we were both hot messes!  We went back over to the bench to sit down and finish the ice cream and while there, he dropped his ice cream cone on the ground.  He said "Stac, you're gonna have to get me another ice cream cone."  I said "bub, you're gonna have to eat this one and I scrapped off the dirt."  I told him no more ice cream cones for us; only ice cream in a cup and we are peeing beforehand! 

The drive home was another story too.  It was pouring down rain and storming like crazy!  I know he was freaked out some and so was I! 

Once we finally made it to Rockport we visited with Tootie and Nannie and then headed over to the park for a picnic and fireworks!

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