Thursday, July 11, 2013

Impulse Scavenger Hunt

So the hair salon that I go to, Impulse Hair Studio & Day Spa, hosted a scavenger hunt last week.  And the prize (copied from their FB page)....

It will be a Day at The Spa!!!!! Includes A Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Facial, Cut, Style, Makeup and Products! Now Who's Ready to Hear How It Works?! Better Get Your Hiking Shoes On! Wheeeeeeee!

You betcha I'm playing!!

So here's how it worked (copied from their FB page).....

Here's How The Hunt Works. We Will Give A Clue for 5 Days and Each One Leads You to a Different Business. When There You will get a Ticket of Completion to keep and One to Sign and Put in a Container @ location Plus it gives you a Nice Perk to Boot! After all Tickets are Collected, the Last Clue will Be a Picture of Where The Prize Is! You Must Have ALL The Tickets to Complete The Last One!! ready?

The first clue.....First Clue!!!! It's Where People Meat! It Bobbles Your Heads! Better Get your Wheaties for This One! We Always Loved What They Bratt to The Party! You Never Sausage a Place in Your Life! And if You're Feeling Randy, It's a Great place to Come to Di!!! Let The Impulse Scavenger Hunt Begin!!  I immediately knew it was Pearison's Rivertown Butcher Shop.  I stopped after work Monday night and while I was there, picked up some delicious homegrown fruits and veggies.

The second clue.....Second Clue in Scavenger Hunt! Toucan Sam would Love This Place! But They Would "Stick" it To Him! A Diabetics "Legal" Dream! Almost Too Pretty to Eat! Can Be "Berry" Nice to Give OR Get! Kabobs or Skewers this Place Tends to Lure! "Teri" On My Wayward Son!!!  This one took me a second, but I figured out that it was Edible Arrangements.  I had Shawn stop and get this ticket for me since he's out and about throughout the day and I didn't want to drive on the east side after work.  Ugh!

The third clue.....Third Clue for Next Redemption!!! If You Go There, You Realize You're Cornered! "4- Ways" to Get There! Mary Mary Quite Contrary Loves This Place! (But Doesn't Tell a Soul!) It's Awesome on Two Levels! And You may Leave Singing B.ah Bah Bah, Bah Barbara Ann!  This one had me completely stumped.  I had to call on my sister for help.  It ended up being The Secret Garden.  Thankfully we got to leave work early the day this one was posted so I was able to pick it up before the store closed at 5.

The fourth clue.....Fourth Clue for Redemption in Scavenger Hunt! Celebration in Espanol! Lake Front Property! If They had Pizza it might be called Churro-nies! When you go there, people say "Duck!!!" Beef, Pork, Fish or Chicken, Everything is Finger Lickin! Well " I Swan!!! " I knew immediately this one was Acupolca.  I had Shawn pick this one up for me.

The fifth clue....This is the Fifth Clue for redemption in the Scavenger Hunt. Combine the 20th letter in the alphabet with the first name of the person who sang "I'm a little bit country". Good luck!  My friend Heather was over to help me figure this one out.  It was T. Marie's.  I had to send Shawn out for this one too since their store is only open from 10-5.

The final clue...FINAL CLUE TO THE SCAVENGER HUNT GRAND PRIZE!! When working on a project that's high, you get supplies from the place that's opposite! The question "got wood?" is NOT inappropriate there! The prize is there, but not IN there! It may give yo...u shingles. You just gotta ''raise the roof"! Good luck in finding the prize! You must have all five (5) previous tickets to win! All participants should bring in your tickets even if you're not a winner! Trust us, we still have something special for you as well!! Hugs to all of our scavengers.  This clue also included a picture and that picture location had the grand prize in it.  The answer was Lowe's.  Too bad they posted the picture around 10:00 at night and someone scarfed it up about 15 minutes after it was posted.  She must of been stalking either their FB page or them :/
The scavenger hunt was fun, although poor Shawn did most all of the work for me!  I do have all 5 tickets so I'll be heading to Impulse to collect my special something.  I'm hoping it's a facial!  :) :) :)

(I typed the above a few days ago.)

I stopped in at Impulse today to turn in my tickets and get my prize for collecting all 5 of them.  I got a gift card for a free mani/pedi!  What a prize!  I absolutely love going to Impulse.  Not only do they give away great prizes and goodies, they are all a great bunch of people and treat their clients top notch!  Now to schedule my mani/pedi! And I just might have to treat myself to a facial when I'm in there =)

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