Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day of Geocaching

Last Friday I was going to take a half day vacation and then head to Rockport to pick up Beth and Gavin and go swimming at the Rockport Pool, however the weather turned cooler, so I took a whole vacation day and headed that way so that we could have lunch at Angelo's and spend the day geocaching.

I picked Beth and Gavin and up and our first order of business was Angelo's.  Actually our first order of business was a geocache at the Rustic golf course (more about that later), but we couldn't find it so we headed to Angelo's for lunch.  I was originally going to just get breadsticks and a sandwich and then I remembered they had their lunch buffet so that's what I had.  It was all yummy!  While we were eating, our friend Cami came in for lunch so she joined us and it was nice catching up.  I forgot my phone in the car so I couldn't get the picture of the breadsticks to post on FB and make all of my ex-Spencer County peeps jealous!  I did snap one of the sign on our way out.

After Angelo's, we headed out on our geocaching adventure.  We headed towards Grandview cause there was a few placed there, however we came up empty handed on the first 3 or 4 of that we did.  Definitely did not make us happy at all! Geocaching is fun when you are actually able to find them; when you can't, it completely stinks!!  We saw this park in town and decided to stop for a bit so Gavin could play.  While we were there, a little kitty and doggie from next door came over to visit.  Gavin was in love with this kitty.  He loved on him and carried him all over the place.  We named them Playground Kitty and Teeter Totter Puppy.

After we left the park, we started back up geocaching and scored one at the Grandview Civic Center.  Yeah!! :) :) :)

We tried another one or two in Grandview and had no luck.  We decided to cross the new bridge and drive the back roads down to the river to see if we could see the Rockport Bluff from the Kentucky side.  We couldn't see it from the road, but there was a pull off area where we could of parked and got out and walked, but didn't.  I knew Bethie was hurting and wasn't getting out and there was no way I was walking in the river bottom woods by myself!  Maybe we'll try it another time.

After that, we geocached some more and found another one before picking up mom to go with us.  The main reason I wanted to pick her up was to help me find the cache at the Rustic.  Now about the cache at the Rustic.  I had read the night before that there was a cache at the Rustic, one that was fairly new, someone had just found it two days before us, and one that appeared to have a travel bug in it.  I've never gotten a travel bug before and was excited to possibly get my hands on it.  Once the GPS took us to the location, the hint was "under the stars to the east".  I searched all over that area and couldn't find it.  I finally gave up and decided we would go back later in the day to try.  Hence the reason for picking up my mom.  I knew she would be all over those bushes to help me find it.  We headed back out there and searched for a while and kept coming up empty handed.  We even almost got careened by a golf ball from a friend who was golfing.  A few other people even helped us look and we couldn't find it.  We finally gave up on that cache.  I logged that cache as a did not find and emailed the cache owner that I was there a couple of  times that day and even had 4 sets of eyes looking for it and couldn't find it.  I got an email back from the cache owner that after I emailed him and logged my DNF, he went out to check on the cache and said it was missing, and that if it was there, I would of easily seen it.  I hate that someone stole it, probably right after the last person found it just a couple days before us :(
Yeah, I found another cache!  Did I mention that geocaching is a lot more fun when you are actually finding the caches?

The cache in this cemetery was definitely in a neat container and location.  It is placed in a cemetery and the GPS took us to a big pine tree in the middle of the cemetery.  I looked all around and couldn't find it, then I happened to glance up in the tree and saw a bird there.  I thought, oh my there's a bird just sitting up in the tree.  Then I glanced a little closer and noticed the bird had a clip in it's butt.  It was a bird decoy clipped to the tree and was the cache container.  Definitely the most fun cache container we've found so far!

The next cache we looked for was in the same cemetery.  Mom thought for sure it was up the hill because of the description and took off running up the hill only to end up falling down and landing on her face on the hill and losing her shoes.  LOL!!  I knew all along it was on the opposite side of the road, however it was behind a fence and LOTS of poison ivy!  Ugh!  I logged that as a find, just couldn't sign the log.

A few more back roads caches and cemetery caches. 

We found another bigger cache that was supposed to have some travel bugs in it, but it was in a bunch of poison ivy covered brush so we'll have to try that one again in the fall/winter time.
After we were finished geocaching, I dropped Beth and mom off at their respective homes and Gavin and I headed back to Newburgh to meet Uncle Shawn for dinner at Jalisco's, and then headed to home to bath Gavin and myself and all of our clothes and shoes.  I didn't want to track any poison ivy into this house!
We had a great day and a lot of fun caching!  Can't wait to get back out there again and find some more with mom, Beth, and Gavin!

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