Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finally....another Geocaching smiley :)

When Shawn and I first started geocaching, we were looking for a cache in Lawndale commons called "For Commoners Only".  The GPS took us directly to a light pole in the middle of the parking lot.  We looked all over that light pole and the grounds around it and couldn't find the cache.  The GPS has us practically standing on top of it and we still couldn't figure it out.  We gave up and left.

Well a couple weeks ago I was doing a cache on my way home from Hatfield at the USWA building out on Alcoa highway and the GPS took me right up to the light pole.  I looked all around that light pole and couldn't find anything.  Then I noticed the base of the light pole had a metal covering on top of another concrete base and thought, I wonder if I can lift that metal base up.  Sure enough, I raised the metal base and there was the cache.  As soon as I did that, I knew instantly that the cache in the Lawndale commons was under the base of that light pole.  

Last Sunday on our way to lunch after church, Shawn and I drove by the Lawndale commons cache to retrieve the log.  Shawn couldn't get the base up and didn't want to fool with trying in his Sunday clothes, so we left.  Wimps!  Hee!  Last night I was killing time after work and before church and decided to give it a try myself.  No joke, that base was heavy an awkward, but I finally got it up enough to grab the cache.
 Score one for me! :)

And I even did it in the presence of a visual muggle sitting outside ;)  I was determined to get that cache!

I was like a stealth cat hiding behind that pole.  You know I was thinking...I can't see her when I'm behind this pole, surely she isn't seeing me.  LOL!!

I also got two more smiley's that night.  One at Dairy Queen and one at the light pole in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot.

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