Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Super Fun Weekend!

The super fun weekend started off on Friday afternoon with swimming at the Rockport pool.  Beth, Gavin, and I headed over first and then when Billy got off work, he joined us.  Gavin's friend Jacob was also there and they played together.  After swimming, we did a little geocaching and found one in a tree by Dr. Wood's office.  There was some trade items, but we didn't swap for anything.  After swimming Gavin and I headed back home to pick up Uncle Shawn and have dinner at Jalisco's.

After we got home from Jalisco's, we went outside to do our glow bubbles.  The container of bubbles were glowing, but the actual bubbles themselves really weren't glowing in the air.  Once they popped, the residue was glowing all over our hands and our clothes.  Gavin wasn't a fan of that part and Shawn wasn't a fan of me being in a bubble in the pictures, so we all headed back inside for the night.

Saturday morning we got up early and got ready to start the day.  First up, the Smiles on Down Syndrome Trucks and Hero's event out at the parking lot of the Deaconess Gateway Hospital.  I had found this event on FB the week before and thought about taking Gavin to it.  Then Shawn that he was going to be there with the WOW! bucket truck so I knew we were going.  What a fun event!  They had big trucks/vehicles of all kinds and the kids were allowed to go inside each one.  There was fire trucks, ambulances, SWAT team truck, wrecker trucks, UPS trucks, school buses, limos, derby cars, semis, bucket trucks, cranes, and lots more.  There was clowns making balloons characters, a table set up that the kids could make doctor bags filled with band aids, cotton balls, masks, booties, and more, the Kona Ice truck was there, there was a golf cart shuttle giving people rides, and much more.  The event was free, but was accepting cash and non-perishable food donations.  The event was from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and the first hour was siren free for children with sensory issues.  But let me tell you, you know when it was 10 a.m.  Every siren and horn on those big vehicles started going off and honking at once.  I thought poor Gavin was going to have a comeapart!  LOL! 

After we left the big truck event, we headed to Burdette pool to meet Lisa and Emily.  Emily is Lisa's boyfriend's daughter and she's 4, just like Gavin.  The kids had a great time playing in the water and Lisa and enjoyed visiting and catching some rays :)  And no trip to Burdette would be complete without some kid dropping a couple deuces in the pool which resulted in a deserted pool for 45 minutes.  During that time we headed to the snack bar for lunch and to play in the spray park section.

Sunday morning we went to church and Gavin went to children's church.  I bought him a new "Uncle Shawn" shirt as I call it.  All I have ever seen Gavin wear are t-shirts and tank tops.  I saw this little shirt at Walmart a few weeks ago and loved it.  It's a little polo shirt and that's all Shawn wears so that why I call it an "Uncle Shawn" shirt.  Gavin looked so handsome in it.  I had him try it on the night before to make sure it fit.  I told him he looked handsome in it, and then to go in the other room and ask Shawn if he thought he looked handsome in it.  He was excited and took off for the other room and in a real soft voice I hear, "Sewan, do you think I look handsome in this?"  Of course he did.  And Gavin had to ask him about a dozen more times if he looked handsome :) 

I tried taking a good picture of Gavin in this shirt, but that little turkey butt won't look at the camera for nothing.  And when he does, he gives me the most ridiculous looking smile ever!  HAHA!

All he really wanted to do was ring the doorbell and make the dogs bark!

After church, we headed home to change and get our food to take to the Robinson's for our cookout/swim party.  I love summertime cookouts at the Robinson's.  The Lantrip's and the Bullock's were also there.  They are all some really good friends and we always have a great time hanging out with them.  Not to mention, the Robinson's grill out some yummy hot dogs ;)  I made a couple Pinterest recipes to take with us - "Crack" potatoes and Quick Summer Fruit Salad.  Both were simple and both were yummy! 

Gavin remembered from last year that their pool was really deep and he was adamant about not swimming and not taking off his clothes to put on his swim trunks.  I finally coerced him to change into his swim trunks.  Most of the time he just sat on the ladder playing, but by the end of the evening, he managed to make it into the pool with me.  Of course he was suctioned on to me like a leech though.  LOL!

After we were finished swimming, I took Gavin home and then went back to the Robinson's.  Heather, Kristi, and Tina rode with me to take him home.  After dropping him off, we rolled the windows down, cracked the radio up and listened to a little Florida-Georgia Line's song "Cruise" while cruising down Main.  What memories!  LOL!!

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