Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a busy weekend...

Friday evening after work, Beth and I went to Walmart to the grocery store. On the way there, we stopped at a yard sale and I found a chair similar to one I have been looking for. I got it for $3. I am going to spray paint it a red color and use it for a nightstand in the guest bed room. So I bought the spray paint and went out Saturday morning to start working on it, and when I took the lid off the paint, the sprayer was missing. Just my luck! So I haven't even begun my work on the chair yet, but here is a picture of the chair now. Once I get it painted, I'll post another before and an after.
Saturday afternoon, I made the potato salad for the cookout, picked up some pictures at Walgreen's that I got developed for Heather and Bowen's parents, delivered Avon in Hatfield, and took some boxes to Chrystal's house before going to the cookout. We had a great time at Heather and Bowen's and as always, enjoyed all of the company that was there.

Saturday evening we also went to Bowen's parents and got our puppy. Little Hershey came home with his mommy and daddy and he's been such a delight to have around. Even all the crying and whining he did the first night we had him. It was almost like having a small child to get up with during the night. Only we have learned that we need not get up with the puppy every time he cries. We've also only had a few mishaps on the living room rug. He's been good and not gone to the potty in his cage and has been pooping and peeing outside.

I've taken lots of pictures of Hershey and he's had lots of visitors today. Mom and Beth came over. Then Alexandra, Alicia, Kelsey & Isiah came over and played with him. Then Garvin and Angie came over to visit him. And later this evening, we walked over to Joshie's house and visited with all of their family.


hemant said...

Wow! What’s a beautiful puppy?..I like it. Black color suite her personality.


love labs said...

LOVE the picture of the cat peering down at the puppy! LOL! Enjoy your new baby.