Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hide & Seek

So the puppy decided to play hide and seek with me last night. Only I didn’t know we were playing! I had been in the kitchen cooking supper and went to check on the puppy in the living room. I didn’t see him anywhere. I called out his name, but he didn’t come. I saw the door on his crate was shut, so I knew he wasn’t in there. I looked around the living room, couldn’t find him, the kitchen, nope not there either. I checked the bathroom and guest bedroom. No puppy. I thought oh no, he’s lost in my scrapbooking room. I check. Nope, not there either. So I went back to the living room and thought I’ll get one of his squeaky toys out of his crate and he’ll come when he hears it. I pick up the crate. Imagine my surprise when the crate was somewhat heavier than normal. I peek inside. There the puppy sits, just looking at me. Silly puppy!!

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