Sunday, September 14, 2008

Storm Damage

The wind storm we had Sunday morning did some damage to the house. When we left for church, there were already some shingles off the roof. By the time we got to church, the neighbor had called Shawn and said that the siding was coming off the house and that all of our patio furniture was blowing around the backyard and the grills had overturned. A couple of our neighbors came to the rescue and gathered everything up and put it in our garage for us. I took some pictures of the noticeable damage and will be putting in a call to our insurance company.

Since church was cancelled Sunday night, we went over to our friends Heather and Bowen's house. They were without electricity, and had been for some time, and probably will be for some time. We had dinner that they made in a makeshift fire area. Then we sat around and talked while the kids (noticed the big kid in the last picture) played a game. Then we all got in the truck and went to Bowen's grandpa's farm and gathered some apples so I could make an apple pie or cobbler. Then we proceded to drive around and look at some of the storm damage in different areas. It was a nice evening and was fun spending time with our friends.

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