Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Hallo"weenie"

Need I say more?

HAHA!! I bought this little t-shirt (well on him, it's a vest) at Stratman's Pharmacy today. It's really made for those Webkins dolls, but he's almost as tiny as they are. He'll be able to wear it for a few days and then I think he'll be too big for it.

And here he is sporting his new vest at the Subway drive-thru resting on his Aunt Beth's preggo belly. Isn't my little guy so handsome??


~*~Tracey~*~ said...
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~*~Tracey~*~ said...

I deleted the first comment cause i said "she" oopppsss!!

HE is so cute!! I love the Halloween outfit. I want a Doxie puppy now!!